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Actually let’s start effectively using, “you’re welcome.” The issue with no problem is that it is perceived as a graceful way of letting someone know you’ve clearly gone our of your way to be of service or helpful and to not feel obligated. As millennial women, we should stop saying sorry or no problem, and take ownership of our hard work by being more confident and less nonchalant about our strong work ethics.

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It’s empowering to claim what’s yours and be unapologetic about it, just remember you are worthy of making career strides and not being sorry for them. Sure, humility does procure favor, however, when it comes to advancing in your career or proving your worth, we’re better off by saying you’re welcome and not feeling sorry. So stay humble but always remain confident.

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Saying you’re welcome acknowledges that you have done something for someone else, it shows you’re a valuable asset at work. ‘No problem’ suggests the other. I’m guilty of this too. It downplays the actual tasks at hand and denies any accountability or effort. Saying, no problem minimizes your worth and the tasks asked of you.

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As a young professional it is critical that we stay mindful of how we portray ourselves within the workplace. Your projection is often times what people will receive, not just how you dress, or the way you wear your hair but the words you speak and how you engage with others as well.

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As a young professional woman, I struggle with my workplace identity or feel insecure about how my peers and superiors view me. As a millennial, we’re already the stereotypical labels of entitled, lazy and untraditional so understanding proper workplace etiquette can either make you or break you; as it defines the longevity of your career as well as help shape it. It feels as though our self-confidence, skillset, and capabilities or working knowledge and college education are constantly being analyzed, evaluated and questioned. We’re being tested on every level that makes us extremely fearful of making mistakes or apologizing for having an office presence.