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IV. Learn a Process For Conducting Research
A. Demonstrate an ability to find credible resources to use in the
research essay through a variety of sources: on-line data bases, the
Internet, the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature, the interview, and
the survey. Make bibliography cards of each resource used
B. Show an improved understanding of the resources by taking notes on
literature read on note cards
C. Show an ability to compile a working bibliography
D. Demonstrate the ability to write an annotated bibliography
E. Keep a log of the research process
F. Synthesize resources by summarizing, paraphrasing and/or quoting
G. Organize synthesized resources into an essay which is informative or

Explore the critical and dramatic significance of disguise and deception in King Lear

II. Use All Stages of the Writing Process to Develop and Refine Writing
A. Demonstrate skill with several prewriting methods.
1. Create clusters.
2. Freewrite.
3. List.
4. Answer journalist's questions.
B. Learn how to focus and organize effectively.
1. Create topic sentences.
2. Create thesis sentences.
3. Devise forecasting statement.
4. Apply transitions and other devices for linking sentences and paragraphs.
5. Use global arrangement strategies: chronological, order of importance, spatial, classification, comparison/contrast.
C. Develop paragraphs and essays with effective examples.
1. Recognize the difference between general and specific examples and apply them appropriately.
2. Recognize the difference between abstract and concrete examples and apply them appropriately.
3. Develop some facility with the patterns of development: description, narration, illustration, comparison/contrast, process analysis, definition, classification, cause/effect.
D. Revise writing for content, organization, and expression.
1. Recognize weaknesses in material and demonstrate ability to add, delete, or rearrange material as required to correct the weaknesses.
2. Recognize and correct flaws in organization in the essay and paragraph (ranging from an overall essay pattern such as comparison/contrast through cohesive devices such as thesis and topic sentences to sentence-level connectors such as transitional words and synonyms).
3. Recognize and correct flaws in expression on the word and sentence level (ranging from precise word choice to variety in sentence structure).
E. Revise writing for standard matters of mechanical correctness.
1. Recognize and correct writing for errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
2. Perform to the departmental standard as set forth in the English Program Guide on the majority of evaluated paragraph and essay assignments (no more than seven major errors per essay; no more than three major errors per paragraph).

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The indirect part that Gloster takes in these scenes where his generosity leads him to relieve Lear and resent the cruelty of his daughters, at the very time that he is himself instigated to seek the life of his son, and suffering under the sting of his supposed ingratitude, is a striking accompaniment to the situation of Lear. Indeed, the manner in which the threads of the story are woven together is almost as wonderful in the way of art as the carrying on the tide of passion, still varying and un-impaired, is on the score of nature. Among the remarkable instances of this kind are Edgar's meet-ing with his old blind father; the deception he practises upon him when he pretends to lead him to the top of Dover-cliff—"Come on, sir, here's the place," to prevent his ending his life and miseries together; his encounter with the perfidious Steward whom he kills, and his finding the letter from Gonerill to his brother upon him which leads to the final catastrophe, and brings the wheels of Justice "full circle home" to the guilty parties. The bustle and rapid succession of events in the last scenes is surprising. (But the meeting between Lear and Cordelia is by far the most affecting part of them. It has all the wildness of poetry, and all the heart-felt truth of nature. The previous account of her reception of the news of his unkind treat-ment, her unvoluntary reproaches to her sisters, "Shame, ladies, shame," Lear's backwardness to see his daughter, the picture of the desolate state to which he is reduced, "Alack, 'tis he; why he was met even now, as mad as the vex'd sea, singing aloud," only prepare the way for and heighten our expectation of what follows, and assuredly this expectation is not disappointed when through the tender care of Cordelia he revives and recollects her.