Monopolies of knowledge derive their power from several sources:

Innis often returns to the evolving drama of language as an important means of communication. "A flexible alphabet favoured the growth of trade, development of the trading cities of the Phoenicians, and the emergence of smaller nations dependent on distinct languages" (39). The demands of speech were accommodated when vowels were added to written scripts by the Greeks (40). Inevitably, however, the "impact of writing and printing on modern civilization increases the difficulties of understanding a civilization based on the oral tradition" (41).

When fascism comes to America, it will come in the form of democracy. --Huey Long

- If open source was so great, Linux would be easier to handle and MS and Apple would not exist. Ignoring the money driven motivation is just an utopia.

Hissey, Lynne. Burnaby, B.C.: Simon Fraser University, 1988.

. A stunned Chris Matthews struggledto comprehend Hillary Clinton's loss and the victory of Donald Trump on election night. On MSNBC, Matthews sputtered,"[Clinton] won every debate by all standards. Every debate.... She had the best ad campaign, the best ground game." He whined, "This is a shot against meritocracy, I think. Because she merited everything and the normal way you standardize these things, she did what you're supposed to do to win and Trump came in around the corner."

Truism No. 4: Everybody has to stop the best attackers in the world.

. ABC News' Martha Raddatz began tochoke up during the network's 2016 Election Night coverage when discussing the ramifications a President Donald Trump mighthave on the military. Raddatz, one of the 2016 debate moderators, sounded shaky from the get-go. "Donald Trump, Iquestioned what he would do about Syria and his understanding of military policy and civilian/military divide, I don't knowthat he really has a plan for what he's going to do there," she said.

Truism No. 5: Laws inhibit security research.

. John Harwood, a journalist for CNBC and TheNew York Times, asked Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta what he should ask then-Republican presidential candidate JebBush in an interview, according to a new email released by WikiLeaks on Sunday [11/6/2016]. The email from September 21,2015 had the subject line, "what should I ask Jeb..."

Mr. Scarborough should spend some time reading my .

- We can cut the general bullshit that we should should be afraid of AI. We are heading to machine consciousness. It will happen anyway, progress cannot be stopped. Plus interconnection between brains and computers, this may be easier than expected.

. "News" story or ad for Planned Parenthood?

If you CAN'T do this no law or government agency is going to do more than superficially protect you. If you CAN do this you don't need a law or a government to protect you much at all.

"security is the exception to our small-government bias"

. The worst claim in the [New York] 'obituary is that Hayden was a "peace activist" who "opposed violent protests but backed militant demonstrations." He could becalled a peace activist only if one views someone who supported a Communist victory in Vietnam as a proponent of "peace."