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The Internet is the number one place where you should go. The easiest way to find what you need is to search by keywords in your favorite search engine. Enter a query “an example descriptive essay about the best friend” and see where it goes. You’ll be provided with the image search results on the topic. You’ll also be directed to a variety of websites where relevant samples are placed. You may try searching by the author as well. It is particularly helpful if you know the writer who is famous for their strong descriptive works. Even if these pieces don’t describe the best friend in particular, they can be used for inspiration in terms of using imagery and figurative language.

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Writing about your best friend doesn’t seem to be a difficult task. You’ve gone through lots of things together and you should know this person perfectly by now. However, description isn’t as simple as it seems to be. You are supposed to draw a full picture of your friend in a limited number of words and it may be tough to decide which qualities should be highlighted in your paper. You should also involve sensory details in your writing, and it is a must that you use them effectively and to the point. Referring to a proper example essay is a logical solution if you encounter any difficulties with this type of writing. Consider the following tips to find a descriptive sample about the best friend and use it to your advantage.