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The success that prisons achieve is hampered further by many prisoners lacking basic skills or suffering from social and psychological problems. Thousands of prisoners are released every year without anywhere to live, worsening problems of homelessness. Almost three-quarters of those in prison have mental health problems and almost two-thirds have drug problems.

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In a speech to the Centre for Social Justice in October 2012, Prime Minister David Cameron said his Government was engaged in "what can only be described as a rehabilitation revolution"– led by the new Justice Secretary Chris Grayling, whose main mission was "to see more people properly punished, but fewer offenders returning to the system."

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Public resentment is also fired by weaknesses in the provision of similar services in the community. Drug rehabilitation, for example, is widely believed to be more easily accessible in prison than outside.

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Nonetheless, there has been much criticism about the level of rehabilitation that actually occurs in the UK's prisons, mainly due to a lack of funding for these programmes and prison overcrowding, which hampers effective delivery of many schemes.

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Despite the entrenchment of rehabilitation in social and criminal justice policy, the idea that prisons are not intended to rehabilitate but rather solely to punish and protect the public retains considerable public support in some areas. Improved conditions and opportunities for rehabilitative activity in prisons generate the complaints that modern life behind bars is soft and too much like a 'holiday camp'.

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Whatever rehabilitation takes place inside prison, many former inmates experience considerable difficulty reintegrating into society because of the attitudes of others. The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 deals with the disclosure of criminal convictions and allows, in certain circumstances and after a period of time, many past convictions to be regarded as 'spent' and they therefore do not need to be declared. However, the stigma of imprisonment, and long absences from work on CVs, has a tendency to put employers off hiring former prisoners - exacerbating social exclusion, and increasing the risk of a return to crime.