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The organization studied crash rates of new drivers in three states: California, North Carolina and New Jersey. The minimum age for driving in California and North Carolina is 16, but there are no graduated driver’s license requirements like there are in Ohio. In those states, new drivers were less likely to crash during their first months of driving, but new drivers licensed at age 18 were more likely to have an injury or fatal crash in their first year, than in driving at any other age.

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It is in a small society, where everybody knows everybody, that public opinion, well directed, exercises its most salutary influence. Take the case of a tradesman in a small country town: to every one of his customers he is long and known; their opinion of him has been formed after repeated trials; if he could deceive them once, he cannot hope to go on deceiving them in the quality of his goods; he has no other customers to look if he loses these, while, if his goods are really what they to be, he may hope, among so few competitors, that this also will be known and recognised, and that he will acquire the character, , which his conduct entitles him to. Far different is the case of a man setting up in business in the crowded streets of a great city. If he trust solely to the quality of his goods, to the honesty and faithfulness with which he performs what he undertakes, he may remain ten years without a customer; be he ever so honest, he is driven to cry out on the housetops that his wares are the best of wares, past, present, and to come; while, if he proclaim this, false, with sufficient loudness to excite the curiosity of passers by, and can give his commodities not easily to be seen through at a superficial glance, he may drive a thriving trade though no customer ever enter his shop twice. There has been much complaint of late years, of the growth, both in the world of trade and in that of intellect, of quackery, and especially of puffing; but nobody seems to have remarked, that these are the inevitable of immense competition; of a state of society where any voice, not pitched in an exaggerated key, is lost in the hubbub. Success, in so crowded a field, depends not upon what a person is, but upon what he seems: mere marketable qualities become the object instead of substantial ones, and a man’s labour and capital are expended less in anything, than in persuading other people that he has done it. Our own age has seen this evil brought to its consummation. Quackery there always was, but it once was a test of the absence of sterling qualities: there was a proverb that good wine needed no bush. It is our own age which has seen the honest dealer driven to quackery, by hard necessity, and the certainty of being undersold by the dishonest. For the first time, arts for attracting public attention form a necessary part of the qualifications even of the deserving: and skill in these goes farther than any other quality towards ensuring success. The same intensity of competition drives the trading public more and more to play high for success, to throw for all or nothing; and this, together with the difficulty of sure calculations in a field of commerce so widely extended, renders bankruptcy no longer disgraceful, because no longer dishonesty or imprudence: the discredit which it still incurs belongs to it, alas! mainly as an indication of poverty. Thus public opinion loses another of those simple criteria of desert, which, and which alone, it is capable of correctly applying; and the very cause which has rendered it omnipotent in the gross, weakens the precision and force with which its judgment is brought home to individuals.

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As a result, business has slowed down, at least among high school-age students. However, Dunn-Alexander is seeing more young adults — sometimes in their mid-20s — approaching her about driver’s ed.