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If you haven’t seen it yet, Thor is a ridiculous and entertaining superhero spectacle. All the leads did a great job, particularly Hopkins as Odin. If you can take a man seriously when he’s standing on a rainbow bridge wearing a gold-plate eyepatch, he’s doing something right. Kenneth Branagh’s interpretation of Asgard was visually overwhelming, but weirdly believable.

You’ve made me more excited than I ever normally would have been to see this movie.

In essence, the technological gap between early 21st century human technology and the Asgardians is at least as large as the gap between the Egyptians and the Gou’ald. We’ve got a long way to go.

The Asgardians do indeed have kings, and horses and etc.

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As for how old Thor and Loki are when the Norse encounter the Asgardians, it’s presumably possible that the battle between Odin and the Frost Giants took place early enough that Loki and Thor could grow up and establish their own viking legends before the collapse of the Viking Age circa the 1066ish.

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Now these episodes didn’t have the greatest production values. It was the 1950s, after all. But I remember this one fondly because of its contrasting magic and science, and because of the impressive feat Zarkoff’s transporter performed. The magician was beamed in standing up, and came out in a seated position, perfectly matched to the chair. Now that’s some science! 😉

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Of course the king promised to make Zarkoff his new magician. But Zarkoff explained that anyone could wield the powers he’d demonstrated: “It’s not magic, your majesty, but modern science.”

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So, why did the Norse have legends about Loki and Thor if they were just kids or not even born yet at the time of the battles with the ice giants? That’s what I didn’t get while watching the movie.

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Flash had a lute with a recorder built in, and Dr. Zarkoff’s wand was actually a transporter-type device. Came the inevitable duel. The magician did some tricks, then Zarkoff pointed his wand and sent him off to the ship. He arrived in a chair, where Dale, waiting, tied him up with rope.