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Because many CSU first-time freshmen are just completing Algebra II in their junior year, CSU faculty needed to consider how to augment both the Summative High School Mathematics and Algebra II CSTs in ways to assess whether any student who completes college preparatory mathematics course requirements has a deep enough knowledge of Algebra and Geometry to be able to retain mathematics proficiency if the student does not engage in any additional mathematics instruction during the 12th grade.

Likewise CSU English proficiency standards are aligned with the California Standards Blueprint for Grade 11 English-Language Arts, but there are differences in emphasis, with the CSU focusing more attention on the demonstration of critical reading and writing skills. The CST Grade 11th English-Language Arts standards assessed through the CSU's Early Assessment of College English (EAP English) are available in the document below: The fifteen additional items that the CSU developed to augment the Grade 11 CST in English Language Arts align with those listed in the document above and to assess greater depth and complexity in critical reading and writing.

In addition, CSU English faculty members have added a 45-minute essay to the CSU EAP English examination. Students are asked to read a short passage and essay prompt, to think and analyze, and to write an essay responsive to the prompt. The student status on the CSU EAP English examination (exempt or non-exempt) is based on a two-thirds weighting for the multiple-choice items and one-third for the essay-the same weighting as for the CSU's English Placement Test (EPT).

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EAP– Formal register/writing– Academic vocabulary – more difficult– Writing more structured points– Essays are sequential

But this basic five-paragraph outlineis a good starting point, especially if you feel uncertain of your ability.An opinion essay exists to prove your main point – your thesis.