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A large amount of the gain in critical-thinking skills stems from an increase in the number of observations that students made in their essays. Students who went on a tour became more observant, noticing and describing more details in an image. Being observant and paying attention to detail is an important and highly useful skill that students learn when they study and discuss works of art. Additional research is required to determine if the gains in critical thinking when analyzing a work of art would transfer into improved critical thinking about other, non-art-related subjects.

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poor quality photo): boarding-school girls show bruised backsides after mass punishment, 2006: schoolboys show results of being caned on back of thighs, 2000s: secondary schoolboys show effects of caning on seat, 2011: students show "tramline" effects of recent posterial caning, c.2011: a schoolboy's bruised buttocks after being spanked with baseball bat, 2009: a high-school boy's buttocks showing "tramline" weals after an accurate formal caning, 2015: buttocks of Barry Tavner, 13, after headmaster's caning, 1987: bruised right buttock of unidentified schoolboy said to be result of 1990s paddling: slightly reddened buttock of Kimberley Garza's unnamed 13-year-old son as a result of paddling by gym teacher, 2004: right buttock of Jay Walden, 15, after receiving 3-swat paddling at Texas school, 2007: part of right buttock of Julie Halcomb's unnamed 17-year-old son after paddling at Texas school, 2008: part of buttock of Tyler Anastopoulos, 16, after receiving 3-swat paddling at Texas high school, 2011: buttocks of a 17-year old high-school athlete after expert paddling by football coach, Texas, 2013

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2000 : another, rather less authentic-looking, caning demonstration in a school museum: caning demonstration at the school museum in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, 2008, supposedly representing 1875: caning demonstration at the Bauerhofmuseum in Illerbeuren, Bavaria, 2011: Preparation for punishment in a village school, painting, 19th century: staged picture of supposed punishment with a carpet-beater, 1957: famous painting of schoolmaster with cane confronting naughty schoolboys, probably c.1930: scene of supposed school caning, staged for a play: old print of a classroom strapping: boy, 11, pretends to be caned as photo stunt for ceremony of putting school cane in museum, Munich, 1970: drawing of schoolboys taking revenge with birches on their master on one day a year when tables were turned by tradition, 1867: jocular re-enactment of a school caning: demonstration of caning as a warning to new first-year secondary students, 2009: drawing of a secondary school caning with translation of explanatory text: posed photograph of schoolgirl holding hands out for rulering, 2004: posed press photograph showing young student touching his toes and being caned : senior student demonstrates position required for receiving routine caning at Catholic boys' school, 2007: photo showing student in school uniform bending over for the cane, pre-1996, presumably posed but positioning is authentic: youth members of Democratic Labour Party give a mock caning demonstration as part of their campaign against CP, 2006: painting by Goya, c.1780, of a pants-down classroom whipping posed scene of a classroom caning: artist's impression of schoolboy bending over for a classroom slippering: a caning in the housemaster's study, being acted out for a stage play, 1937: "Bottoms Up!", poster for comedy film, 1960: four mediaeval representations of school CP: mediaeval woodcut shows schoolroom birching in progress: Etching showing a schoolroom birching, 1807 : drawing of schoolboy about to be caned in classroom, c.1900: artist's impression, not necessarily authentic, of a student being birched in front of the school in a traditional private (so-called "public") boys' school, from a rather unreliable book first published in 1941: silly posed picture of schoolboy pretending to be caned on the hand : drawing of an Eton Pop-tanning in progress, as practised until about 1970: drawing in silhouette of traditional English school caning by headmaster: modern lithograph imagines William Shakespeare about to be birched as a schoolboy c.1580: modern painting of imagined English classroom birching in the 16th century: another imagined English classroom birching in history, wrongly shows punishment over trousers: photograph of student bending over for a rulering at front of class, but it's all in fun (I think), boys' secondary school, 1970 : posed picture of Scottish primary school tawse in use: pretend paddling of senior student at a high school in Arkansas, posed for jocular effect, c.2005: college students pretending to paddle a fellow-student with huge planks, Texas, early 20th century: 19th-century school caning re-enacted for a modern play: pretend paddling at a school museum, Oklahoma: artist's impressions of various for paddling students: child receiving over-the-knee paddling with "the board of education", presumably a posed picture, possibly c.1900: senior girl student paddles senior boy student on "student takeover day", high school, Kentucky, 1971: paddling scene from a fictional film set in the 1950s, unusual position adopted: paddling by the Dean of Men, Hardaway High School, Georgia, posed for yearbook, 1968: posed paddling scene, from Georgia high-school yearbook, 1965: posed paddling scene, unknown junior high-school yearbook, 1982: posed paddling scene, unknown high-school yearbook, date unknown: posed paddling scene, unknown high-school yearbook, possibly 1960s: sixth-grade paddling, picture posed for amusement by real teacher, 1965: posed photograph of elementary student being paddled in front of country schoolhouse, allegedly in 1915: posed press photograph of student being paddled, 1987: posed press photograph of schoolgirl clutching bottom as though just paddled, 2004 : posed photograph of schoolboy bending over for a switching in the classroom, 1905