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As the Elizabethan Era was an age of great chance, much advancement was made in the fields of science and mathematics, exploration, industry, culture, and the arts, all of which were implemented by the rulers of that time....

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The factors that caused Elizabeth to make this decision were her personal religious preferences, the views of the Marian Bishops and the opinions given to her by the parliament.

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The Elizabethan age was characterized by an extreme spirit of adventure, aestheticism and materialism which became the characteristic features of Elizabethan poetry.

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The period connected with the time in power of Queen Elizabeth I (1558–1603) that is often careful to be a golden age in English history, have focused mostly on the lives of the era's wealthy upper class.

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With the support that Queen Elizabeth needed she was able to start planing a military intervention to Scotland which would end up in a war with France.

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The Elizabethan World Order consists of five major principles, "The Chain of Being", the linkage or classes, the middle position of man, man as a social being, and the "General Notion of Correspondences." The Great Chain of Being states that order resides in polarities....