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This article is intended to be a practical guide for teachers and tutors of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) and English as a Foreign Language (EFL) when marking students’ written work, including continuous writing in the Target Language (TL) (free or guided composition and structured exercises such as résumés), language-centred exercises in the TL, translation from and into the TL, and essays (in L1 or in the TL) for socio-cultural studies courses. Assessment of oral work, and feedback on oral performance, are not covered.

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This practical guide to marking MFL and EFL students’ written work covers continuous writing and translation. Marking is considered as one stage in an integrated, collaborative process of teaching and learning, requiring awareness of the tutor’s dual role as coach and assessor, and consultation and calibration among tutors. Issues discussed include: How much to mark; making appropriate comments; using symbols for the nature and seriousness of errors; consistency and fairness; giving positive feedback through ticks; converting quantitative scores into marks. The guide concludes with three illustrated case studies: a marked copy of a piece of first-year writing in French; suggested criteria for assessment of Year Abroad projects; a marked copy of a final-year English to French translation. Reference is made to surveys of research findings on marking.

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