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Do you ever feel that your work is yet to be fully appreciated and that, like a lot of challenging artists while they are still around, critics find it too easy to stereotype you with the catch-all phrase of punk?

So what’s next, a book or album or both?

Dave Jennings finds Hugh Cornwell in fine form and still bursting with ideas.

I think so, it’s just me trying to make sense of it all really. Creative people just try to make sense of the world for themselves, hopefully to make things clearer but sometimes it gets mistier the more you look at it. It should have been God Guns and Freedom of Speech but that wouldn’t fit in so I put in gays as a reference to Gay Pride which is about free speech, started in America and is now worldwide.

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You’ve written two novels now. Had you always planned to write a book one day and just waited for the time to get round to it?

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It’s quite interesting that when you’re working in the presence of so much flesh for that long it ceases to have any titillation at all. I was fully clothed and discussing the journey into work with a stark naked woman in a very matter of fact way. The girls all seemed to be perfectly at home with it so why should anyone else have a problem? I noticed that Cindy Crawford drew a lot of criticism for appearing in a nude photo shoot at the same time as speaking out for women’s rights. Her response was that she was fighting for the rights of a woman to make her own choices. Good old Cindy I say!

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Not really no! I’ve always been an avid reader and a lot of my song ideas and titles come from books, such as Toiler on the Sea by Victor Hugo. In 2004 I wrote my autobiography which I found a cleansing experience and quite easy as obviously it was about me. I split up with my girlfriend and was due to be going on holiday to India, which I still wanted to do as I hadn’t been on holiday for ages. I was worried about getting bored but had this idea about an artist who bad things kept happening to. It turned out his agent was trying to kill him to make his art worth more and that became Window on the World. So from going on holiday with a vague idea, I got my first novel and I was hooked.

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I’m fascinated by religion and what it makes people do. I really think that religion is going to be banned at some point in the future. I think that we will become enlightened enough to realise that religion is just a load of codswallop, all of it, and all it does is turn people against each other. It’s not a unifying force at all, it’s diversifying so what purpose does it have?

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Nowadays I hear people saying that Guilty is a fantastic album and Nosferatu, which I did 30 years ago, is a work of genius. Well it wasn’t exactly a hit! But people are appreciating these albums now so you never know. It must be a nightmare being an artist or author whose paintings or books aren’t discovered for 30 years, if even in their lifetime. You just hope to get some sort of glimmer that what you do is appreciated and I get it every time I do a gig. People tell me that my music transformed their lives and what more could you ask than that by way of thanks?