He was named Christofero Columbo, after the patron saint.

Justify your answer in one complete sentence.

-We are now going to "bucket" or categorize the documents into two categories (this will make writing our essay MUCH easier)

Copy this onto a loose sheet of paper (collected with essay)
Thesis Drafting
You will now independently draft a thesis statement answering the guiding question:
Was Christopher Columbus a hero or villain?

* You must included 2 reasons in your thesis to justify your opinion (these 2 reasons will become our body paragraphs tomorrow).

Example Thesis:
Christopher Columbus was a hero because he was the greatest European explorer and he had positive characteristics.
Why are we learning this?
The second Monday in October each year is celebrated as "Columbus Day" by people in the United States.

Christopher Columbus has turned out to be a different man from what I grew up believing.

The Muslim Arabs were the only ones to influence exploration.

What is a thesis statement?

-introduce the paragraph
-cite evidence
-explain your evidence
-tie it back to your thesis
Columbus was a hero/villain because...
Document # explains that...
This means that...
Therefore, the fact that ....

In The Christopher Columbus Controversy: Western Civilization vs.

In recent years, this has been the case with the great admiral, Christopher Columbus.

For many years the history written in text books have been regard as fact however information provided by Howard Zinn excerpt has shed new light on the shadowy past of Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus Essay– Essay writing and typing …

If they could find a way around Africa, they could get to Asia.
Objectives & Agenda
Christopher Columbus


I will be able to...
-express my argument for today's guiding question in a thesis statement.
-provide evidence for my thesis in two body paragraphs.
-conclude my argument in one concise sentence.

Guiding Question:
a) Was Christopher Columbus a hero or a villain?
Do Now
Thesis Writing
Body Paragraph Writing
Concluding Sentence Writing

Body Paragraph Writing
This essay will require two body paragraphs (one for each of the reasons in your thesis).

These are used to provide evidence for your argument.

Exemplar Example
Columbus was a hero because he was the greatest European Explorer.

Christopher Columbus Biography for Kids

proves that Columbus was a hero/villain
You will put all of today's work on the same sheet of paper (this, along with your chart from the last lesson) will be collected at the end of the lesson.
You now have time to write the final draft of your essay on a loose sheet of paper.

Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy, in 1451

You will do the rest in pairs.
Document 4
The painting on Document 4 shows Columbus and other European explorers walking on the land they discovered in the Americas.

Document 4 helps prove Columbus was a hero because it illustrates him as a leader finding new land for the people of Europe.
Document 2
Barlow seems to think Columbus was educated and that he had "courage and perseverance".

Barlow says Columbus found a new half of the world, spread wealth to the new half, and spread commerce and civilization to the whole world.

Document 2 helps prove Columbus was a hero because he possessed several heroic traits and because he helped spread civilization to the whole world.
Document 5
Kammen is saying that societies remake their pasts rather than record the truth in order to meet the needs of the modern culture of a society.

Document 5 helps prove Columbus was a villain because it explains that societies sometimes leave out the truth from their history; meaning the truth about Columbus is not something people are proud of.
Document 3
The petitioners oppose the celebration of Columbus Day because it is Euro-centric and ignores the fact that there were people in America before he "discovered" it.

Document 3 helps prove Columbus is a villain because he was not the first one to discover America and because what we know about him now "would seriously tarnish his image".
Document 6
The natives were nearly wiped out due to conquest, slavery, and death.

Document 6 helps prove Columbus is a villain because it explains how nearly 2.4 million natives were killed due to the Europeans
Document 7
Carroll considers Columbus the greatest explorer of all time because he was the first European to set off directly into an unknown sea and found land on the other side.

Carroll disagrees with the critics because, according to Carroll's definition of "discovery", Columbus did indeed discover America and the people there for Europe.

Document 7 helps prove Columbus was a hero because he ventured into an unknown sea and found land and people new to Europeans.
Doc 2 covers his character traits and accomplishments.

Doc 4 illustrates him as a heroic explorer.

Doc 7 explains that he was the greatest explorer of all time.
Doc 1 explains how he was only interested in gold.

Doc 3 explains that he wasn't the first to discover America.

Doc 5 explains how societies leave out the bad parts of their history.

Doc 6 describes how many natives died as a result of Columbus' visits to the Americas.
Do Now
European cartographers also began reading a book written by al-Idrisi, an Arab geographer.