- Thomas Jukes in a letter to the author, 1992

This freed the hand of Southern States to violate the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments, stripping freed slaves of civil rights, voting rights, and any other rights they could think of.

The United States Government has lost  , trust.

Chickens released from a long siege in a cage and placed on the ground almost invariably start making the tentative, increasingly vigorous gestures of taking a dustbath. They paddle and fling the dirt with their claws, rake in particles of earth with their beaks, fluff up their feathers, roll on their sides, pause from time to time with their eyes closed, and stretch out their legs in obvious relish at being able to bask luxuriously and satisfy their urge to clean themselves and to be clean.

There is even a living and conspicuous apologetic for .

However, there can be no "" until the spell and the mythology of the New Deal is exploded.

Many said that the vote for Trump became a repudiation of , whose excesses and outrages were all too evident in the previous year or so, with open attacks on free speech and political opposition at American universities.

So that settles the case for the Eagle.

Under the slogan, "Make American Great Again," which obviously in itself annoys the Left, the key issues that Trump ran on were (1) Protectionism, with accusations that American jobs and manufacturing were being taken by Mexico, China, etc., (2) Terrorism, with promises that Muslim immigration would be stopped or curtailed until we could be sure that Terrorists were not infiltrating with immigrants and refugees, and (3) Illegal Aliens, whom he at first simply promised to all deport.

Joseph (eastbound) Streets, from 4th Street west to 9th Street.

Trump got little support from his home town or home State, but his billionaire credentials did not stand in the way of "" Americans in the Midwest from voting for him.

Only one President remains to be represented: Barack Obama.

At the same time, Trump is the first person elected President who was actually a millionaire living on Fifth Avenue in New York, like the -- albeit in a skyscraper, "Trump Tower," rather than in anything like the previous Gilded Age mansions (of which only the Frick Museum remains for us to see what they were like).

I include recent photos of all below.

Some Democrats seem to be aware that this business, with accusations of racism, fascism, and "white supremacy" against all white people and Christians, if not all Americans, only feeds Trump's support.

Hayes in 2010, whose statue is now included.

Trump may be seen as the apotheosis of the and of the backlash against the of Washington Elites, including Democrats, Republicans, and the whole self-interested class.

Multiple sculptors are responsible for the statues.

When demonstrations often featured signs saying "America Was Never Great," or burning American flags, the average American gets the message that these people really hate America, and them.