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This all is of great metaphysical significance to Kant, who wants Reason to function in similar ways in a deterministic world and with transcendent freedom, implying a mutual dignity and correspondence between science and morality.

This is the story of a lie that became the most powerful kind of truth.

In multiple ancient religions and in Judaism the pollution of blood or sex is treated by isolation or bathing or other ritual acts, which do not otherwise have any sense of penance about them, although, like penance, their function is to remove pollution.

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What must first of all be noted about it is that Kant is not going to think of it as derived from experience, yet neither does he carry out anything like the "transcendental deduction" on it that figured so prominently and importantly with the concepts in the .

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Similarly, anyone who does not know they are doing wrong or breaking a law will be unaware and unconcerned about any "message" that the law is supposed to be sending, or about the exemplary punishment in store for them.

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We even know that taxpayers inquirying of the IRS about the legality of their deductions, etc., are nevertheless still held liable, perhaps even criminally liable, even if the IRS gives them a answer which the taxpayer has followed in good faith.

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After carefully building up deterrence as the justification of punishment, this device absolutely voids and destroys it, perhaps exposing the bad faith and malevolence of its advocates: a person who does not know they are doing a wrongful act cannot be deterred from doing it by any threat of punishment for something that seems irrelevant.

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Officers engaged in these acts are rarely sanctioned, even for innocent citizens, responding to what they think are burglars, who are killed in the course of them.

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Germans feared the midnight knock of the Gestapo; but thanks to the "War on Drugs," the modern SWAT team goes in, in fully military equipment, without knocking, in the wee hours of the morning.

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As with deterrence, another modern principle popularly expected to replace retribution is "rehabilitation." This may replace punishment altogether, with the "negative reinforcement" of deterrence translated into the "positive reinforcement" of psychological therapy, counseling, and vocational training.