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The Golden Gate Bridge is open to auto and bicycle traffic 24 hours a day and to pedestrians during daylight hours. There is a toll to drive across it, but in the southbound direction only.

These are the two spots most Golden Gate Bridge visitors like to go the most:

The real "Golden Gate" is the strait that the bridge spans. It was first named "Chrysopylae," meaning "golden gate," by Captain John C. Fremont in 1846.

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Today, it still has the ninth-longest suspension span in the world. A few Golden Gate Bridge facts to illustrate its size:

For many years before the Golden Gate Bridge was built, the only way to get across San Francisco Bay was by ferry, and by the early twentieth century, the Bay was clogged with them.

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One of the most interesting Golden Gate Bridge facts is that only eleven workers died during construction, a new safety record for the time. In the 1930s, bridge builders expected 1 fatality per $1 million in construction costs, and builders expected 35 people to die while building the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Golden Gate Bridge by Trolley: "Hop On Hop Off" double-decker buses stop here as well as other sights. Other similar-sounding services do not stop at as many places or offer as much flexibility.

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Guided Tours: Many San Francisco tour operators include the Golden Gate Bridge in their tour itineraries, but most allow only a few minutes to get out at the south vista point. offers regular, free walking tours. Stroll with them and learn who named it, how the structure cheated the law of concrete and steel, and what members of the Halfway to Hell club did to join it.

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Many groups opposed him, each for their own selfish reasons: the military, loggers, the railroads. The engineering challenge was also enormous - the Golden Gate Bridge area often has winds of up to 60 miles per hour, and strong ocean currents sweep through a rugged canyon below the surface. If all that weren't enough, it was the middle of an economic collapse, funds were scarce, and the San Francisco Bay Bridge was already under construction. In spite of everything, Strauss persisted, and Golden Gate Bridge history began when San Francisco voters overwhelmingly approved $35 million in bonds to construct the Golden Gate Bridge.