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My name is Ayzia and my mom was a domestic violence victim to my dad, who kidnapped me and my sister whom he sexually abused for years. My mom has been struggling every since she found us and tried to care for us for the last ten years. The ordeal has been traumatic for all of us. I would like to attend college this fall after graduating high school, however her income will not cover my tuition. I have applied for financal aid and awaiting any acceptance letters for college. I am interested in Alabama State University, Spelman College, and University of South Alabama,with a major in Psychology. I would like to remain close to my mother. Please help me find resources to grants that will help me achieve my career goals…Thank you.

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Hello I am a 34 year old single mother of a 7 year old son and I am working on my bachelor degree in psychology and criminal justice I just found out that I do not have enough funding and with being a full time single mom and full time student I have no income. My student loans are maxed out for the term and now I am trying to figure out how I can get some financial funding to help with my living expenses and with my sons needs while I finish college to get a better education and a better job to make a happier and better life for me and my son

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I am going to receive money from FASFA, but I know it will not be enough to cover my college expenses. I recently had to withdraw this Fall 2011, due to financial issues, and do not want to have to miss out on my education because I cannot afford it. I need help this Spring 2012. Anything please.

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I am a 24 year old female that is starting college for the first time. Financial aid will not give me any help with my tuition at county college. But, I live alone, and have to work so I can pay my bills. What route would you suggest I take to get started on my education? PLEASE HELP!!!

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Hello. I am a single African American mom who has always dreamed of going to college. I had a rough time raising a male child alone and promised myself that when I get him out of high school, I would go to college to finish my education. I am currently an IT student at (SPSU)Southern Polytechnical State College in Georgia and I am in need of financial assistance to complete this semester, as I risk getting my classes dropped for non-payment and/or not being able to register for spring semester. I am presently a senior and plan to graduate next summer. My bill is $2,200 for the fall semester and will appreciate any help I can get at this time. I am in the process of applying for scholarship money for next semester but need immediate help to stay in school. My email address is or you may send any assistance directly to the school in my behalf if you prefer. Thanking you in advance for your much appreciated assistance.