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Trentino has an important potential to develop that has currently not yet been realised or sufficiently experimented with. The focus on a limited variety of attractions could be overcome, in light of the example of international contexts, such as the Auckland Region. Some types of enterprises indeed appeared imitable from the New Zealand context: paintball fields, forest tramline and mountain bike parks. Further inspirational cues include the fully developed offerings (, packages offering accommodation, outdoor and team building activities, restaurant and tours) observed in the Auckland Region, which represent the creation of an integrated and complex product that is desirable for different targets. In particular, the segment of “corporate clients” does not exist in Trentino. These customers are extremely important because they may have a significant spending capacity and are attracted by the fully developed offerings provided in New Zealand farms and team-building activities and events. We believe that the structural characteristics mentioned above, in terms of the history of human settlement, population concentration and the presence of mountain land, may have an effect on the number of attractions implemented in Trentino but not on the realisation of the new ideas themselves. Moreover, entrepreneurs in Trentino can also exploit the fact that this province continues to attract a great number of summer tourists, partially compensating the thin demand from urban areas compared to the Auckland Region. Therefore, this study could represent a valuable action aimed at increasing awareness of tourism-recreational managers and forest holders in Trentino of keeping up with international sectoral innovations. Dedication to such activities should be faced by keeping an eye wide open towards new initiatives implemented elsewhere and by listening to customers as a resource for constant adjustment to the market change. As Rametsteiner & Weiss () assert, the valorisation of the territory by exploiting business opportunities in marginal areas, and the value generated therein, could fill the gap between rural or mountain locations and more urbanised places. Policies promoting innovation as well as entrepreneurship can assist this process.

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Niskanen et al. () describe the direction currently followed by the forest sector as attempting to deliver multifunctional benefits of the farm and forest structures. Alongside the policy changes, the pressure on agriculture and other primary industries has required a search for new market opportunities that are often connected to leisure demands. However, it is a reality that those who own the rural resources may be geographically well placed to offer these new services but may lack the commercial skills and entrepreneurial values to initiate them (). This gap must be filled, but this may require some time. So far, the ability and willingness of forest owners and managers to recognise changes, to make better use of arising opportunities and to introduce innovations in their forest holdings shows an increasing and profitable dimension that has bright prospects. The fertile ground confirmed by the success already achieved by tourism-recreational innovations in the forest, both in the Auckland Region and in Trentino, and the support of a strong entrepreneurial motivation foresees bright prospects for these innovations. Comparing and imitating best practices of sustainable management of local forests would also contribute to the process of raising consciousness on environmental issues spreading so the positive behaviour towards natural resources. No other environmental sensitisation action would work better than experiencing nature. The development process is facing a more advanced phase in the Auckland Region, but potential can be clearly exploited further on even in Trentino by using proper inputs.

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