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Abortion rights advocates described the three-day wait as insulting to women who they said have likely already done "soul-searching" before going to an abortion clinic.

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I grew up with this fear: that the material that was near to me would be no good. I would have to live a life that would somehow bring me nearer to the topics “real” literature was about: war, violence, politics, travel and adventure. To this end, I moved to New York, traveled to India, and dated men who could tell me about the worlds I did not have access to, men who had been to prison, men who had been homeless, men who had been in mental institutions. I was troubled by my female protagonists who seemed to have so many emotions. They would have to go; they would have to change. I would have to change. In short, I was certain that what I really needed to do was write for men. I’m not sure anyone has written more combustibly about this recently than Claire Vaye Watkins in her essay She writes of her short story collection Battleborn:

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Wade: the Supreme Court case legalizing a woman's right to choose abortion has been around our entire lives.

My husband is gone from 6 in the morning ’til about 8 at night, bless his heart. He works in a factory making plastic, never sitting down, lucky to get a dinner break. So that I can have the benefit of staying home. I would be more than happy to pick up his underwear. I encourage him not to lift a finger when he is home, but to rest so that he can endure another day of paying our bills. We live for weekends together, because we are so in love, after many years of marriage. I live in joy & gratitude, & our marriage is ecstatic. Marriage is not about self-gratification. It is about loving another as you love yourself.

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Before lawmakers convened, scores of abortion opponents gathered for a prayer vigil in the Capitol Rotunda, asking that God grant courage and boldness to lawmakers voting to enact the waiting period.

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I am tethered by many things: the baby’s nursing schedule, the three-year-old’s attention span. To read an adult book is out of the question. To sit quietly for a moment with no one touching me is out of the question. To poop alone is out of the question. Showering is something I have to ask my husband for time to do each night. A lot of nights I am too tired to even think about showering and I just go to bed dirty. I do not brush my hair every day because what does it matter if my hair is brushed? It is possible I am clinically depressed. It is also possible that taking care of small children is just really hard, and in the last six months we have had a move across country, a baby in the hospital for a week, and my new book come out. Maybe I am just frazzled and it will get better on its own. Or maybe it won’t.

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Planned Parenthood, which operates Missouri's only licensed abortion clinic in St. Louis, has not said whether it will challenge the 72-hour waiting period in court. But the organization has said its patients travel an average of nearly 100 miles for an abortion, and to either make two trips or spend additional money on hotels.