His mom and dad were Katherine and Joseph Jackson.

Most importantly, Jackson, against Congressional opposition, vetoed and killed the Second Bank of the United States, ending the specter of a Central Bank until the creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913.

His parents, Joe and Katherine had ten children and Michael Jackson was the eighth child.

Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney were all dignified, polite, kind, moderate men who always sought compromise, accommodation, and consensus with Democrats.

Andrew Jackson exemplified these founding principles.

At the age of four Joe Jackson pushed his children to start a band....

This sounds ideal but was not good enough for some diehard partisans of independence, who over the years have thrown a bomb in Congress and carried out a few other acts of domestic terrorism.

People left out of the expanding economy loved Jackson....

Demonstrating unparalleled foresight and dexterity, Andrew Jackson did what was necessary to move the country forward, thus making him one of the greatest presidents of the United States....

He was born to Andrew and Elizabeth Hutchingson Jackson.

Cole, “The sudden death of his beloved Rachel had only served to renew the anger and frustration that had consumed Jackson after losing the presidency to John Quincy Adams four years earlier....

Andrew Jackson; 1829-1837; Democratic, Tennessee; won 2 elections.

Where Jackson was born was on the western frontier of the Carolinas which was in dispute between North Carolina and South Carolina, and both states claimed him as being native born.

Johnson fired Stanton anyway and was Impeached over this act.

In the second scene, a little boy stand beside a tank, he wears a black jacket, on his face, we cannot see any expression, he looks very helpless, he cannot do anything to stop the war....

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Michael’s music career began with the formation of The Jackson 5 in 1963, when he joined his brothers, Jackie, Tito, Marlon, and Jermaine in their already booming musical group.

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Andrew Jackson was born in 1767, raised in rough country, a long military career, considered the defender of the people’s rights, with a reputation of being forceful and discourteous, like these attributes were not enough, he was a southern, belong to the democratic party and he had serious doubts about banks.