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Anthropologists and primate researchers , but relatively recent scientific findings have disproven that notion. , and it is more sophisticated with great apes. It took a few million years after the human/chimp split for our ancestors to learn to , and that culture then spread widely in Africa. The , , and were probably all closely related and at least partly interdependent, but little seemed to change . Then the and possessed a larger brain, and new tools and behaviors are evident . The timeframes continually shrank between major events in the human journey. Only 200 thousand years later, and , and new behaviors are in evidence. Only 100 thousand years after that, anatomically modern humans appeared. Only 30 thousand years after that, about 170 kya, , probably due to necessity, where life once again was eked out on the margins, and those humans may have decorated their bodies. About 100 kya, innovation seems to have accelerated again, and by 75-60 kya there is evidence of . Needles and perhaps even arrowheads first appeared about 60 kya. There is no doubt among scientists that members of made those advances, and their artifacts provided evidence of increasing cultural and technical sophistication, which soon left Neanderthals and all other land animals far behind. About 75-70 kya, a , and there is controversy today whether that eruption was partly responsible for the that passed through not long afterward. What became today’s humanity seems to have nearly gone extinct at that bottleneck.

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Are we products of our environment essay academic.10 Easy Ways to Save Birds.

When that , his/her invention was transmitted via culture, probably by demonstration. When made , they were engaging in a craft that lasted more than a million years; it was obviously a standardized training, as all axes looked similar. When that founder group left Africa, they had full command of language, a sophisticated toolset, and ideas were readily communicated, although it can be interesting to wonder what their were, if they had many. Those concocted complex thought forms to seduce and control the masses. Monumental structures in early civilizations were often architectural and engineering marvels, and the . When that approach took root in Europe, which already used Greek technology to great benefit, it led to the , which accompanied and mutually stimulated the Industrial Revolution. In short, along with greater energy usage, mental feats also increased and were usually required for the next Epochal Event to manifest. The Teslas and Einsteins of their day initiated the breakthroughs and the masses took the ride in the subsequent epoch and raised their level of mental prowess. Calculus was only invented once (twice, really, as and did it independently), but it has been taught to students ever since as part of the mathematics curriculum. Each energy epoch was initiated by and accompanied by increased mental accomplishment, and each breakthrough helped form the foundation of the next one, which .

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Those imperial games of indoctrination, apology, censorship, obfuscation, and turning reality upside-down are highly relevant to the West’s economic trajectory, and are leading reasons why FE and its potential outcomes reside outside the realm of possibility for the world’s people, particularly those living in industrial societies. not endorsed by the scientific establishment and its patrons are today, and this is arguably the greatest triumph of humanity’s social managers. When people encounter the of FE, they almost invariably have reactions of denial that range from to to . For those of us who that , witnessing that entrenched denial can be quite a spectacle. That subject will be , but the development of industry, science, and political-economic ideologies, even though they are inextricably entangled with imperial dynamics, deserve much more treatment.

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Beginning in 1875, El Niño events precipitated famines that took the lives of tens of millions of people, in China and India in particular. While India was starving, its wheat exports to the UK quadrupled. In the two millennia before British hegemony, India had less than one famine per century. Under British rule, famines happened every few years, for about a 3,000% increase in frequency. In the midst of the carnage, British “philanthropists” , but India’s native scholars noted that the railroads were built to take the plunder India, not bring needed food and other goods to its masses. A similar railroad plunder route was built during the . Europeans could not invade equatorial Africa until they began to use quinine to prevent malaria. The situation with malaria and quinine was another one in which practice was ahead of theory. , but the cause of malaria was . Similarly, even though Europe’s early voyages to were accompanied by scurvy that the and other plants high in vitamin C, millions of sailors died of scurvy in the succeeding centuries as the medical authorities of the day ignored the cures. The British navy finally began to use limes to prevent , but vitamin C was not isolated and .