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You know those helpful, coffee cup adages that teach you how to live life to the fullest: "Look good, feel good," "Work hard, play hard"? Well, we've coined our own for Beowulf: "Read awesome, be awesome."


Beowulf has captured the attention of scholars and audiences alike, becoming as well as the basis of several popular film and TV adaptations. used many elements from Beowulf as inspiration for his famous .

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shows the connection between order and purpose.

But it wouldn't be a classic work of literature if it followed all the rules. And that's why, while being an epic, it also questions a lot of the epic values: Is the death price a good system of justice? What are its pitfalls? What makes a good king? A hero? A monster?

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Beowulf, a great and glorious hero arrives from over the sea, clad in a shirt of shining mail, ready to do barehanded battle with a demonic monster. And if that leaves you wanting more, Beowulf is ready to deliver. Once the demonic monster bites the dust, his bigger, badder, even more demonic mom arrives to avenge her son's death. But that's still not the climax. Just in case anyone doubted Beowulf's prowess at this point, a dragon shows up to test him to the limit. This isn't dry-as-dust literature that you fall asleep over; (Although the recent goes just a little bit off-script.)

But here's the thing: Beowulf is also the oldest major work of literature in English. In fact, it's in such old English (technical name: "Old English") that it seems like a foreign language to us today, because our words have changed so much since it was written. It's a glimpse of an ancient Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian culture.

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