"My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep."

"At my poor house, look to behold this night
Earth-treading stars that make dark heav'n light;
Such comfort as do lusty young men feel
When well-apparel'd April on the heel
Of limping winter treads, even such delight
Among fresh female-buds shall you this night
Inherit at my house."

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PANTOUM: A variant spelling of pantun (see below).

And again, just before he hears the sudden tidings of her death—

Our intramural sports program teaches our students to show good character through sportsmanship, to face challenges, to accept winning and defeat with grace and dignity, and gives opportunities for leadership.

Behind the scenes with director Jessica Swale.

For instance from 2005 to 2009, due to the inflation, the wealth of medium was adjusted to 66% to Hispanic and 53% among black, compared to 16% households among white.

On mixing stand-up and magic – and chihuahuas.

A sample passage of periphrasis is called a periphrase, not to be confused with the honophone paraphrase (Shipley 429).

A group review of Baz Luhrmann’s take on Fitzgerald’s classic novel.

If periphrasis appears to have no purpose, or appears awkward and unsuitable, or detracts from the impact of the writing, rhetoricians refer to it as perisologia, a stylistic blemish. If the blemish originates in unnecessary repetition, the fault is called . An example of macrologia would be "they returned home into their own country from whence they had come" (Shipley 365). This sentence would be briefer as "they returned home."

Weekly rep at the Royal Court and a festival of circus and cabaret.

Critical analysis and examination of the as-is process highlights the notion that there are limitations in the current process. Firstly and the most notable is the fact that within the process...

Unwanted signage and unexpected opportunities at CPT.

If a writer or speaker uses periphrasis with the deliberate goal of tricking, misleading, or confusing the audience, that act is called .