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The Upanishads say that the Creator, even today, gives the same moral advice todifferent types of human beings through the voice of the thunderclap, which makes thereverbrating sound ‘Da-da-da.’

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From what has been said above it will be clear that social ethics is efficacious in sofar as it helps a person to curb his selfishness. But Hindu philosophers have recognizedthat social duty also has its limitations. Duty is often irritating; behind it is the ideaof compulsion and necessity. Thus a person constantly engaged in the discharge of his dutyfinds no time for prayer, meditation, study, recreation, or other things, which his soulcraves. If the kingdom of heaven is within a man, he cannot attain it by always lookingfrantically outside. It is often under the guise of duty that a man indulges his greed,passion, desire for domination, or morbid attachment. When stretched too far duty becomesa disease. As Vivekananda has said: ‘Duty is the midday sun which scorches the tenderplant of spirituality.’

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A certain measure of compliance with the general principles of social ethics may wellhave helped to preserve the Hindu social system from total disintegration during the darkperiod of Indian history. But on account of insufficient emphasis on socialresponsibilities, there is in Hindu society a lack of the vitality characteristic ofWestern society. Therefore India is now emphasizing the value of social ethics; thegovernment is trying to create a welfare state. Whatever may be the pattern of developmentin the new India, she should not forget the ultimate goal of ethics, namely, theliberation of the soul from the bondage of the phenomenal world.

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But the need for emphasis on social ethics in modern India cannot be denied. For timeshave changed; the conception of Dharma, which was the foundation of Hindu life, bothindividual and social, has greatly lost its hold upon the people. The struggle forexistence in an increasingly competitive society has become keen, and wealth is not justlydistributed. The strong often invoke the law of karma to justify their exploitation of thepoor, who are helpless in their suffering. There exists in India a widespread misery dueto ignorance, poverty, ill health, and general backwardness. The rich and the powerful areoften too selfish to remove these drawbacks. Hinduism in the past has no doubt producedmany saints; but the precious gems of their spiritual realizations have been preserved inheaps of dirt and filth.