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Originally, Google’s popularity was based on its method of searching through back-links that made it more efficient at producing results than other engines at the time. Soon their methods became standard in the industry however. This might have spelled the end of any other company but Google took a radical approach to remaining relevant. Where others might pay lip service to employee comfort and innovation, Google has been a leader in both of those areas. The offices from which the company operates are extremely spacious, decorated in whimsical ways and provide free food for employees. This relieves most of the discomfort that might otherwise keep them from stumbling on the better ideas. Beyond the search engine, Google has acquired several other companies, some not as clearly linked to their industry.

and partnerships beyond Google's core search engine.

The fact is Google is doing something right, while on the other hand, to be able to attract this amount of people monthly, also means they are doing something outside of our privacy rights, therefore, I want to show you the different ways in which your tracked on Google and recommend a new search engine called DuckDuckGo....

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Google’s search engine can help you locate things such as directions, stores, idea’s for papers, and more....

Even offering a heavily censored and handicapped version of their search engine, Google's revenue producers AdSense and AdWords could still make billions.

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Google first started out as a general search engine that people could use on a daily basis to look up and find whatever information quickly and efficiently.

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Google’s rise to prominence is due in large part to the use of PageRank, which is an algorithm that assists in ranking web pages that relate to a given search. Page rank uses a system that checks the backlinks to decide the importance of the web page. Google search engine has evolved significantly over the years adding other secret criteria that help determine page ranking. PageRank algorithms analyze links generated by people assuming that the web pages linked from different relevant pages are by themselves important. From Google search engine perspective, most people do not want to be given answers to their question but what Google search engines to explain to them what they ought to do next. This has made Google search to favor their products instead of giving the customer what they need from their searches.