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I am not a great fan of horror movies; however, I remember being mind blown from watching the Ju-On: Grudge 2. The plot of the movie was very intricate and hard to understand. Firstly the audience was invited to watch five different stories, but later on throughout the movie the audience would realise that (if they are smart enough) all of these stories link together, and become one story. The most important factor of a horror movie is definitely the tension of the thrill and the surprise with the advent of the dead. Thus, frightening is necessary for a successful horror movie.

“movies that strive to elicit the emotions of fear, disgust and horror from viewers.”

I am not a horror movie fanatic, but I enjoy watching a good horror movie. I am a chicken for horror movies and get scarred real easily and I can’t watch one if I am alone. In my opinion the scariest movies are the SAW films. I don’t know why these films scare me so much. I think the reason is because something like what happens on the movie can really happen in real life. it gives me the feeling that it is going to happen to me.
What makes movies frightening is the realistic touch they have. The more real the movie is the scarier it would be for the audience. If directors make the movies realistic it will scare more because it would give the feeling to the audience that what is happening in the movies may occur in real-life.
Not usually the best horror movies are the most frightening. For example the movie, “Paranormal Activity”. This movie is filmed with only one camera and it is very low budget. However the fact of there being only one camera makes the movie scarier.

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Rationale for Using the Movie: Studies of World War II and the Holocaust are made vivid by personalizing the events about which students read. This film draws viewers into the reality and horror of genocide and better prepares them for clarity about the several cases of ethnic cleansing that have occurred in more recent times.

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In my opinion the scariest movies are not the one with the most blood or with creatures jumping out of nowhere to kill people. Those movies are in my opinion to simple ( i do not want to offend anybody by saying this. I see what people like in those movies), they are too predictable. In my opinion the scariest horror movie is “the zodiac” . What makes this movies and others like it so scary is that they are based on true events. See movies where people actually have been in those situations and suffered as much makes the experience way more terrifying. The scariest thing in life, is life itself.

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I can’t stand horror movies, they’re not entertaining. I like thrillers though. A horror movie is simply meant to scare, but I find thrillers quite entertaining because they have a plot twist. It’s basically a mystery. The whole movie you think you got it figured out and then they surprise you and you find out you were totally wrong.

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I love Horror Movies! I like anywhere from the ones that are super scary to the ones that are tacky. I use to be scared out of my mind by them, but now it’s pretty much all I watch. I think they are at first, but then after seeing them over and over again they become less scary. So I like to watch new ones all the time.

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I love horror movies!!!! =)
But when i go to sleep i get nightmares and have to cuddle up with my scooby-doo cardboard cutout.
All my friends make fun of me, that is if i have anymore friends… But overall different people have different opinions on horror movies.