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Does this mean that McConkie thought Joseph's peepstone use for treasure-hunting was from the Devil? How about when Joseph used that same peepstone for translating the Book of Mormon?

treasure Archaeologists have called for a ban on treasure hunting in the ..

"The phrase "Glass looker" appearing on Mr. Neely's bill is the precise terminology preferred by Joseph Smith himself to describe his crystal gazing occupation and is the same that Mr. Benton adopted five years later to speak of Smith's use of a peep-stone or glass placed in a hat, which he employed when hired to hunt for hidden treasures. The bill of Constable Philip De Zeng gives further historical evidence and details concerning this trial, by listing:

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Other reason why people own guns is for hunting and generally as treasure …

In most of the states, the treasure found on private land usually belongs to the person who finds it; in other states (for example, in Idaho and Tennessee), the treasure always belongs to the owner of the land; and in Louisiana, the treasure is shared equally among the treasure hunter and the land owner.