Dasein is not an attribute or property of a human entity.

Heidegger originally conceived of as a work in two parts,with the published volume containing only two thirds of the first part. HereTheodore Kisiel describes part of Heidegger's attempt to elaborate the last third of part one in his summer 1927 .

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.Does this relativity signify that all truth is subjective? If one interprets 'subjective' as 'left to the subject's discretion', then it certainly does not. For uncovering, in the sense which is most its own, takes asserting out of the province of 'subjective' discretion, and brings the uncovering Dasein face to face with the entities themselves. And only because 'truth', as uncovering, is a kind of Being which belongs to Dasein, can it be taken out of the province of Dasein's discretion. Even the 'universal validity' of truth is rooted solely in the fact that Dasein can uncover entities in themselves and free them. Only so can these entities themselves be binding for every possible assertion - that is, for every possible way of pointing them out.

This is the passage where Heidegger first describes , the uncanny.

Dasein is a precondition for Being.

' introduces and assesses:
Heidegger's life and the background of
The ideas and text of
Heidegger's continuing importance to philosophy and hiscontribution to the intellectual life of our century.

The first commentary in English. Mainly about Division I.

Being and Time . Translated by Joan Stambaugh, Albany, State University of New York Press, 1996.
The new, in 1996, translation. This translation includes marginal notes Heidegger wrote in his copy of .

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In 2008 this translation was reprinted in paperback by Harper Perennial Modern Classics, with a helpful introduction by Taylor Carman. The pagination remains the same.

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