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Obedience is a basic notion in the social structure. Any living creature has to deal with the terms of obedience and authority if it lives in the society. Respond to authority can be defiance or submission but anyway authority provokes a response. For many people obedience is a deeply internalized pattern of behavior and it can dominate ethic, moral and sympathy. But it doesn’t mean that moral is totally suppressed by the obedience it just changes focus. The person feels moral satisfaction or dissatisfaction depending on the adequacy of the actions performed called by the authority. Atrocities from the Holocaust to Vietnam’s My Lai massacre, from Bosnia to Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison were not created by cruel sadists and heartless maniacs. They were done by the ordinary people who just obeyed the authority orders. Obedience to authority is present in all of us in more or less degree and we all would follow the instructions.

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Conducted by a unit of the United States Army, the My Lai Massacre ranked one of most appalling atrocities carried out by US forces in an already savage and violent war.

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