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Scattered through the crowds of bikers, cops, and civil servants in the large canvases are historical figures, Washington notables, and bar regulars including, always, Folsom himself. His appearances are more Jackie Chan than Alfred Hitchcock: He painted himself taking a punch from Park regular Alan Schwartz in 1982's The Fight, crawling up the bar, glasses askew in 1984's The Reunion, and spilling beer in his lap in Last Call, the 20-foot triptych he finished in 1987. Folsom keeps bearing the brunt of the joke or the violence, he says, "because there's got to be a fall guy in there." The dancers stand impassively on their platforms, like working-class cousins of Vargas angels. Some are classically posed; all transcend their surroundings by being unaware of them. "I don't paint the dancers they're protected. Naked is vulnerable, nude is not," Folsom says. Within the paintings' cosmology, "someone needs to be vulnerable, and I like playing the fool....I'm the one who doesn't go home pleasantly drunk, the one who releases the tension."

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1975: My work had focused on male and female nudes in stark, surreal settings. These 'freeze-frame soap operas' were first shown at Gallery K, beginning our 14 year association. By 2008, my surreal nudes had become contemplative, mood studies. It has taken decades to work my way past the front of the flat painted surface -past the nakedness, to the soulful presence within, and finally, past solitude to stillness.

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Fred Folsom's monumental painting "Last Call (at the Shepherd Go-Go Bar)" anchors the exhibition. At least it has a size advantage over the other paintings, measuring more than six feet tall by 19 feet wide. The work is a testament to Folsom's recollection of his past life, when he was "drunk, overweight, and no fun to be around." In Fineberg's portrait of the artist, Folsom points to his likeness in the triptych, with a broken nose and bloodshot eye. Another artist in the exhibition, Rebecca Davenport, is also visible in the composition, leaving the mind to wonder who else is in there.

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"The Constant Artist" captures the lives, words, and product of several prominent D.C. artists from various points across decades. Photographs and interviews are the work of Paul Feinberg, and the paintings on the wall are the works of his subjects, like Tom Green, Sam Gilliam, and the late Manon Cleary. Theoretically, we see how the work ages as the artists and their perspectives do the same. But in many cases, the work doesn't evolve, at least in technique, as much as the artists.

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