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There are numerous lines of JFK evidence to pursue, which could easily take a person’s lifetime. This essay will deal with just one aspect of the JFK assassination evidence in detail, and people can make up their own minds regarding the truth of the issue, and see if it is worth pursuing further.

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The evidence persuasively supports arguments in favor of the hypothesis that the photos were forged and planted, and the camera was planted. In kind, it is nearly identical to the . After the bullet’s highly dubious entrance into the evidence ledgers, Arlen Specter and Gerald Ford concocted one of the most implausible tales ever.

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In most of those assassinations and attempts, there was evidence of more bullets flying than the assassin's gun actually fired. The "lone nut" was usually immediately apprehended and all other suspects were immediately released. "No conspiracy" was announced within hours of each shooting, even in the case of Martin Luther King, Jr., when there was no suspect immediately after his shooting.

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I have looked into many areas like the JFK assassination and examined the primary evidence for myself. I also rely on the work of historians and investigators whose work I have come to respect, through long digestion and investigation of their work, such as Noam Chomsky, Edward Herman, David Stannard, Carl Sauer, and Rodney Stich, to name a few.

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In 1994, Michael T. Griffith, one of the more prominent independent JFK investigators, while examining the evidence. Griffith consulted several other specialists in the field, and their judgments concurred with Mee’s and have influenced this essay. Mee had expertise in exactly the areas that concern the evidence discussed below.

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Jack White deserves credit for his analysis of the backyard photos. White began his investigation with some expertise in photography and he devoted years to analyzing the backyard photos. The reason he did so was two-fold. The main one was that Oswald himself said that the backyard photos were faked, and his head was pasted onto somebody else’s body. The other was that White asked for and was given advice on how to pursue the JFK evidence, and was told to become expert on just one piece of it and focus his attention there. White did so, and a fair bit of the evidence produced in this essay relied in some measure on what he discovered. White deserves credit for the work he performed. However, White’s analysis of the backyard photographs is not wholly reliable because of his limitations as a photographic expert. Specifically, he has no training or expertise in the field of photogrammetrics, and all of his photogrammetric analysis is suspect.

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The astronauts were fiercely competitive. See for the athletic competitions that the Mercury astronauts had with each other, such as water skiing. The astronauts competed against each other, to see who could land closest to the planned landing site. Their competitiveness permeated the entire astronaut program. Until I hit , the most spectacular feat performed during the Apollo missions was John Young’s Jump-Salute feat. Charles Duke had him jump next to the American flag, and Young whipped off a snappy salute in mid-vacuum. Until this essay was published, it was considered the greatest athletic feat that any Apollo astronaut ever displayed on the Moon, and William Brian made it a subject of analysis. The image below shows the analysis.