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Let us show our appreciation for our wives and mothers. Letus speak out for the joys of motherhood. May it again become honorable for awoman to be "a joyful mother of chi1dren" - Psalms 113:9.

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The Joys of Motherhood is the story of a young Ibo woman who dreams of living a traditional life as a mother of many children. Instead, she spends her life in Lagos, Nigeria, watching as traditional values are eroded and destroyed by Western influence. The hope she puts in having many children turns out to be misplaced, and her entire life is simply a struggle for survival, with no reward in old age.

Published in 1979, The Joys of Motherhood was 's fourth novel, and one of her most popular. It is the third book Emecheta wrote about the role of women in Nigerian society, following (1976) and (1977), and subsequently followed by (1982), and (1982). Each of the five novels explores women's struggles within a patriarchal society.

“the Joys of Motherhood” Response

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Consider the joys and rewards of the job. Psalms 127:3says: "Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb ishis reward." What other job produces a final product to compare to that ofmotherhood: loving children who will someday mature to productive, God-fearingmen and women? If women will not sacrifice in their younger years to raisechildren, they will not have those children and grandchildren to hug theirnecks, love them, and care for them in their older years.