It is difficult to find fault with this type of rural/ urban living.

Finally, trees produce more and more oxygen, which is very essential for humans as well as the environments. Moreover, oxygen can counteract against heavy pollution in cities and create a better quality of air. Planting more trees in urban areas brings nature into cities which is beneficial to people without access to rural areas.

The lack of urban cities will cause people in the rural areas wants to move to the urban areas.

Firstly, trees protect us from the sun’s heat as well it keeps the temperature lower in urban areas and it gives a shade. For example, living in a tropical country have more heat than the cold as a result planting trees can avoid the high temperature. Noise levels can also reduce by planting tress which can act as a buffer against sound.
However, nowadays people have fulfilled their basic requirement about their accommodation, constructing more housing can be useless and it may harmful for developing cities as well as towns. Tress encourage people to enjoy their neighborhood and trees and green areas create a peaceful living environment which promotes a better living standard and better mental health.

Moreover, the city has nightlife in contrast with the rural areas.

Rural to urban migration leads to a loss of man power in the rural areas to work on the farm lands.

In the discussion that follows I address some of the leading theories and common threads that enable urban sociologists to engage in the comprehensive examination of how and why urban inequality persists.

Life is more secure in rural areas as compared to urban areas

There is overcrowding in urban areas. This creates various problems such as difficulties in finding residential houses, diseases, crimes, pollution, difficulties in transport etc. Contrary, in rural areas the number of people is very small as compared to the urban areas. They have spacious residential houses and they are safe from the problems created by the overcrowding.

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In urban areas sanitation is a major problem, particularly in the developing countries like Pakistan. In case of rainfall, water remains on the road for weeks and it provides the base for mosquitoes production. On the other hand in rural areas there is no problem of sanitation at all because the area is spacious and it provides the route for water to pass easily from it.

Urban life or rural life essay

In urban areas crime is increasing rapidly. The ratio of crime is greater in urban areas than in rural areas. There are various reason for it such as increasing number of people in urban areas, law and order situation problems etc.

Difference between Urban and Rural

One of the important advantage of rural life is fresh environment. There is no pollution such as noise pollution, water pollution, and air pollution. On the other hand pollution is widespread in the urban areas.