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The idea that Canada, or another similarly democratic country, should pass a policy of compulsory voting would be against the very foundation of freedom that defines a democratic state....

Compulsory voting in the context of a democratic society can be a misleading term (Lever, 2010).

First and foremost, mandatory voting will ensure that election results truly reflect the will of the voting public. When a significant proportion of the voting public chooses not to vote, the result of such an election is skewed in favor of those who exercised their right to vote. This very fact casts a huge question mark over the validity of the election result, and indirectly over the integrity of the election process. Mandatory voting ensures that the voices of the non-voting population, mainly comprising lesser-educated, younger and poorer Americans, will be heard. One argument in favor of mandatory voting is that it will force more Americans to pay attention to political issues in order to make more informed choices. Mandating voting will motivate Americans to learn more about the issues that matter to them, and develop opinions which will then translate into voting for the candidates who, in their opinion, can tackle these issues.

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Felons remain one of the last groups of Americans denied the right to vote (Flatow, 2014).

One of the main social environment groups in the nation that come together to do their best to promote and protect voting rights in America is called NCJW....

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Today, most people over the age of eighteen can vote, except for the mentally incompetent or people who have been convicted of major felonies in some states.

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In 2016, voters in Berkeley, California, overwhelmingly favored lowering the voting age for school board elections to sixteen. San Francisco came close to passing a similar measure, Proposition F, which would have lowered the voting age to sixteen for all local elections. Unofficial results indicate it lost by approximately 52%–48%. This close outcome suggests that advocates may continue to push the measure in the future, with a fairly strong chance of success once voters are better educated about its merits. Lowering the voting age is by no means a radical idea. The Maryland municipalities of Takoma Park and Hyattsville recently lowered the voting age to sixteen for their own elections. Turnout among sixteen– and seventeen‐year‐olds has been relatively robust, strengthening the democratic process in these cities. Moreover, several countries, including Brazil, Argentina, and Scotland, allow sixteen‐year‐olds to vote.