One Solitary Life by Ken Blanchard, James A

All who further condemn this man are wrong. Why?
People get over the death of lost ones. There are stages of grief, and acceptance is the last part. Grief of a lost one exponentially decreases with time, while the pain of a life sentence in solitary only increases.
All of you lack of empathy. Solitary for murder isn’t equality. If the murdered cops family met this man and heard his whole hearted testimony in person after coping with the grief of their deceased, they would break… And so would the system of Solitary Confinement. This Judge Milroy swears by the bible, but surely knows nothing of the pain point to The Ghospel of Christ… Forgiveness.

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Fr. Russ. Your the Warden, you have a few hundred guys on board you hand selected, you design the program format, security, and create a prison totally unlike the traditional punishment/solitary, cops/convict atmosphere. You start out with a managable number of Throwaways, and build from there. think you could do this on a private level? The fact that your a man of cloth and have the backing of a religious group, or church will possibly allow you credibility, It isn’t like the state is going to hand over reings to any one person or group of people unless they are affiliated one way or another with a reputable organization, wheter its cost effective or not. So I chose the Church as a representitive, and You as the warden. Could you build this into something that provides an alternative to solitary?
However, by no means are we running a religious colony. Like this Rapo BS. Angola, or any other sick and twisted pedophile place. Were talking Lifers not kids. Men who are in Long term solitary. Like Lincoln Hall before the state took over. Private ran detention facility by the Brothers and civilians they selected. The Brothers wore no collars, I don’t remember ever going to church, and the place had no forced religious activities or none of this sick twisted rape bullshit. Had you not known they were brotheers you would have thought they were just tough ass college guys making money working as counselors!

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One Solitary Life

Stop crying you big baby. You did the crimes you are a murderer and a scum. If I had it in my power you’d be in SHU even now for the rest of your natural life. If it were up to me you would never see a blue sky or a blade of grass ever. You would never know the sound of another human voice. In my vision of Solitary confinement you would see and hear nothing but the sounds white paint and concrete walls make. The foulness of your environment reminded you that you were yet still alive. I’d like to take even that from you. I would love placing you in a sterile white cell. No books. No magazines, no pictures, no window, just white cold concrete, a metal sink toilet combination and a gray cell door. The guards would shove your food to you through a slot saying not one word. I’d want you to ache to hear another human voice and have that pain go unheeded. You are a monster sir and far as I am concerned society is being foolish to let you out of SHU. You have earned a place in SHU for the rest of your natural life. Were I in power your dying breath would taste of human feces. Your last words heard would be the rantings of your fellow mad men. You last touch would be your own for no human would touch you again till after you have passed over from this Earthly realm.

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First let me say this…. I have read all kind of comments and very sad to see the mayority are full of hate and I wish them all they or any family member never ever be in this in Mr. Blake’s shoes. This story has put tears to my eyes, I’m suffocated just to imagining what would be in SHU? I strongly believe no human life should be taken but no human should ever. experience such cruelty no matter of the crime commited or who the person was. Mr. Blake did deserved a punishment such as life in prison without parole ever, where is our legal system? human rights? with this evil cruel solitary confinent with no excuses for it, it is inhumane in the extreme. Any system that impose this kind of punishment on someone is deeply flawed as the society that allows it. It is beyond sickening for a nation that claims to value human life. Let me tell you as a single mother two wonderful kids a boy an a girl and God forbidden if anld ever take hem, I can assure you 100% without a doubt would I would not be at pace for someone to be punished the way just like Mr. Blake has.

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I’ve often wondered whether or not someone who really had do to life in prison would think it was a break. I would say that I agree with this guy though. If you had to be in solitary confinement for the rest of your life, you would be better off dead.