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Several historians (e.g., Hooykaas 1972) have argued that Christianity was instrumental to thedevelopment of western science. Peter Harrison (2009) thinks thedoctrine of original sin played a crucial role in this, arguing therewas a widespread belief in the early modern period that Adam, prior tothe fall, had superior senses, intellect, and understanding. As aresult of the fall, human senses became duller, our ability to makecorrect inferences was diminished, and nature itself became lessintelligible. Postlapsarian humans (i.e., humans after the fall) areno longer able to exclusively rely on their a priorireasoning to understand nature. They must supplement their reasoningand senses with observation through specialized instruments, such asmicroscopes and telescopes. As Robert Hooke wrote in the introductionto his Micrographia:

Query: another name for love of wisdom.

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There has been a debate on the question to what extent randomness is agenuine feature of creation, and how divine action and chanceinterrelate. Chance and stochasticity are important features ofevolutionary theory (the non-random retention of random variations).In a famous thought experiment, Gould (1989) imagined that we couldrewind the tape of life back to the time of the Burgess Shale (508million years ago); the chance we would end up with anything like thepresent-day life forms is vanishingly small. However, Simon ConwayMorris (2003) has argued species very similar to the ones we know now(including human-like intelligent species) would evolve under a broadrange of conditions.

Query: what are the three parts of wisdom according to philosophy?

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Zimmer, Carl (2008). “.” TIME Magazine.

To be wise one must know what is real, what is good, and how to think. These three parts of wisdom correspond to the three parts of philosophy, namely Metaphysics, Ethics, and Logic. (What do children learn? what are they taught at primary school by their teachers? What uses has ?)

with Dr. Thomas Lewis, co-author of A General Theory of Love

Of historic interest only are pieces on and which I wrote after a visit to Moscow in the frigid January of 1990. The city was boiling over politically at the time.

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