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The easy part of writing weaknesses is fixing them. The hard part is figuring them out to begin with. The best approach (as with so much of writing) is a combination of instinct and logical analysis.

This article examines the strengths and weaknesses of emerging writing assessment technologies

Do you hate beginnings? In years past, . Guess what? Beginnings were one of my writing weaknesses (and something I still have to consciously focus on more than other aspects of the story).

Writing Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

My strengths as a writer essay

The thing about this journey I like the most. Every challenge is a fun in itself, and all of those challenges can easily be tackled. By just pen and paper and you, you can do all your work.
I currently have many writing weaknesses, I am struggling with grammar, has way too much of inconsistencies, I can write thousands of words of internal monologue but avoid action at all costs. The last one can be exploited as a strength though.
But, to summarise, I am way down the road of this journey and that is humbling. But when I do get some success, I know accepting it is bound to get harder.