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CEO Greg Nickerson oversees a team of more than 250 at 43-year-old veteran shop Bader Rutter. Vertical markets the team specializes in include agriculture, buildings and interiors, chemicals, financial services, food, industry associations and technology. An art gallery recently opened in its new Milwaukee headquarters. The new offices, designed as an open concept office space, is an addition to a historical building in the downtown area. To help another local institution, Bader Rutter recently loaned several of their writers to the Pfister Hotel for the tenth year of the Pfister Narrator program, where guests share the stories behind their hotel stays.

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This agency’s holistic approach to demand gen blends strategic expertise, creative flair and an understanding of martech to deliver measurable results throughout the entire lead lifecycle. And it’s working—more than 40 new clients came on board in the last 12 months. The shop also expanded its roster of technology partners to include Engagio, Uberflip and AutoPilot. IT solutions provider Datalink asked Spear to develop a multichannel target account campaign reach decision makers at 400 key accounts, generating an astonishing 13 percent response rate. Teambuilding events at Spear include a day at a local winery, painting classes and bowling nights.

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Early in the school year, we divide our class into teams. Each team adopts a local small business or not-for-profit organization. As we work our way through the curriculum, we use each team’s adopted business as a frame of reference to build a marketing plan. As we complete each unit, teams develop that portion of the plan and work with their business partner to refine their ideas. At the end of the year, we consolidate all of the bits and pieces into a real-life plan document. Although everyone wants to jump into the promotion unit, it’s important for these would-be marketing consultants to understand that many other elements of marketing have to be integrated into the plan—usually before we start working on the promotion unit. Many of the marketing plans we put together over the course of the year have real value to the business or non-profit.

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One of the best efforts the past year was by the team assigned "risk management." Picture the word "risk" at the top, as part of a burning building, with the S turned into a hose reaching down to the M in "management." Their analogy, of course, was that management must be prepared to prevent and/or put out the "fire" that represents a variety of different risks.