Essay on Human Identity in James Joyce's The Dead

In James Joyce's "The Dead," Gabriel Conroy faces these problems and questions his own identity due to a series of internal attacks and external factors that lead him to an epiphany about his relation to the world; this epiphany grants him a new beginning.

Alfred Prufrock” and James Joyce’s “The Dead”, are epitomes of this modernism.

Shem is the artist, and his most typical manifestation is as James Joyce himself ("Shem" is the Irish form of "James")-the man who can make the dead speak but is totally incapable of coming to terms with the living, the exile who is cut off from action.

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- The Dead James Joyce essays examine a short story by Irish writer James Joyce.

VPThe Dead by James Joyce
If there’s one piece of literature that sums up the traditions, pastimes and feelings of the festive period with unrivalled elegance it has to be James Joyce’s short story, The Dead.