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Three Gorges Dam Pros and Cons
Over the years the Yangtze River has flooded numerous time killing thousands of people and destroying millions of homes which has cost China Billions.
Benefit # 4
It creates income for the people of China.
Negative Impact #2
Because the dam created a very large
it is projected that a total of 4 million people will have to leave their home.

Allegedly tens of thousands of people were not given any money to relocate and hundreds of thousands were not given fair market value for their homes.
Negative Impact #3
Disrupting the ecology of the Yangtze area.
Many types of fish are in threat of becoming extinct because of the increased river traffic and pollution from shipping
Negative Impact #1
Cost to build = 180 billion Yuan (Renminbi)
($24 billion)
Negative Impact #4
IT Traps Silt
Silt is very important to the life of the river and the farms of China.

The brothers and sisters to The Three Gorges Dam will also send China’s economy skyrocketing....

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A current controversial human activity or development called Three Gorges Dam in China that has negatively impacted the environment.
Write a 1000-1200 word essay that makes an argument for protecting the resource/environment that is negatively affected by the Three Gorges Dam project. In addition to the environmental impacts, identify the social, political, economic and ethical issues the human activity or development raises.
The essay will present the viewpoint (thesis) that the resource/environment negatively affected by the Three Gorges Dam project is in need of protection. You will support this viewpoint with evidence in order to persuade the reader of its validity.
The more specific the topic, the better your essay is likely to be

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The Three Gorges are not only famous for its scenery, but also its disastrous flooding....

Faced with international, as well as domestic, criticism about the ecological and social havoc the Three Gorges Dam would cause, the government of China has remained unnerved and has started construction on this highly questionable project....