hello in this lesson we’regoing to look

Thanks for letting me know. If you find online the answer sheet you used, please let me know so I can add it on my blog for all students.
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that you will use to write your

TASK 2 test date November 07
many people are doing study using distance educational courses(using internet ,TV ).
These type of courses never take place of regular study.
center-Amritsar (PUNJAB) India

your writing task 2 essay in the IELTS

IELTS paper here and I will explain to you

Introduce, reinforce, and review Pre-K through 2nd-Grade math in a playful yet sophisticated manner. Be kinesthetic, auditory, visual, and symbolic. Play cards and other games to teach number families, computation, and vocabulary. Use the hundreds board for numeric literacy and computation. Listen to a math fairy tale. Leave singing.

and count how many what you have written

thank you very much, althought even with all the help, my writing task 1 is still very bad, at least I think so 🙁
Do you have any advice in terms of being nervous and anxious (don’t know if I spelled that correctly), because I am veeerrryyyy nervous, I can’t even explain how much. And can we bring water inside?

download this paper I will give you alink

Memorised language is high band score words or phrases which are above the level of the student and are used to try and boost their score. Many students think using such language will impress the examiner but in reality the examiner can see which language is learned and copied because it doesn’t match the rest of the essay. The sentence you have provided is natural language and even contains a mistake so it can’t be considered high level language that is memorised to get a good score, it is just natural language that is suitable for certain types of letters. Letter writing is more formulaic but essay writing isn’t.
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at the end of the lesson you candownload the official writing paper

Many students choose to book two tests because they are so nervous with their first one. You must find a way to cope with your nerves. Hopefully you will be concentrating so hard that you will forget to be nervous. As to taking water into the exam, I don’t know. You must ask IELTS Official about that or your local test center.
Good luck!

and you can practice writing on thispaper

Q2:::at the bottom of the task 2 sheet , they was a spare space for official use, I made a blunder by putting my conclusion under that line . And I think I tried to insert several words forcefully which led my writing untidy . … What do you think my conclusion would be excluded from my writing as I wrote under official use area ?.

and when you practice writing you’llsee how

In task 1 I didn’t mention billion along with £ sign in description.. Meaning that I came up with wrong figures . Like I mentioned 12 pound instead of 12 billion pound … Did it affect my task score so badly ?.?