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The effects of global warming are detrimental and it’s feared to be contributing to current climate changes. It is associated with the frequent floods, drought and hurricane patterns that are facing the world today.

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Continued information dissemination about effects and causes of global warming will remove the arrogance or ignorance that could result from lack of such knowledge. Incorporating environmental studies and especially on global warming in the school’s curriculums will see to it that students understand the plight of global warming to mankind at an early age.

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Global warming can cause a vicious circle in the sense that accumulation of greenhouse gases will destroy the ozone layer which will cause mechanism causing more warming. Again on reaching a certain level huge amount of carbon dioxide trapped in the permafrost causing disastrous effects on the earth’s surface.

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Human activities are the main contributors of global warming. Activities that release pollutants into the environment include industrial, farming and household activities. These pollutants deplete the ozone layer and trap ultraviolet rays of the sun within the atmosphere leading to gradual warming of the atmosphere. Studies have shown that atmospheric temperature spiked during the industrialization era and has gradually increased over the years. As a result of the increased temperatures, cases of melting icebergs and rising sea levels have been recorded as well as emergence of extreme weather conditions such as flooding and drought, skin cancer and disease patterns. Consequently, lives and properties have been while governments are been forced to spend millions of dollars in emergency funds.

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The lavishness of the tax-funded, aviation-fuelled,international junkets enjoyed by the global warming priesthood, contrasted withthe frugal gatherings of their relatively impotent scientific opponents, is thevery stuff of mediaeval satire. Just as Rabelais had to go into hiding from theanger of the priesthood of his time, so critics of the new religion are largelyconfined to the interstices of the internet. As ever, wealth and power determinethe ability to propagate one’s views. It might be some small compensation formembers of the resistance, cowering in the electronic , thathistory remembers the name of Rabelais, while his persecutors are forgotten.

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With power comes patronage. At its best this has producedgreat architecture and art. At its worst it produces vast acres of ugly, worsethan useless windmills and rigidly controlled research. What passed asscientific research a quarter of a century ago now barely exists. To getfunding, your project has to conform to one of the mantra descriptions, such as“sustainable development”. Doubters are afraid to speak out. Theirinstitutions are dependent on millions in grants at the disposal of greenofficials to obtain “appropriate” results relevant to global warming andrelated scares. When your institution is involved in a fight for survival, youdo not rock the boat.