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Like Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer also suffered from posthumously euphemised annotations and translations: "in the ,a young Oxford don named Nicholas is making advances to a girl namedAlison. Chaucer says forthrightly, "He caught her by the queynte."Robert Lumiansky, translating, says, "He slipped his hand intimatelybetween her legs." This [...] is still bowdlerism" (Noel Perrin, 1969).

The poetry in this document is related to that century before the declaration of the Bab.

The has a from September 25, 2003. At that time, the site consisted of 19 pages of material. The resurrected site, which appears to have come on line in February of 2005, is shown on the Wayback Machine as having six pages of material.

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This evening I was reading about the English poet George Byron(1788-1824).

I would also like to thank Ritu Khanna and Monisha Sharma for their generous help with testing and preparing the Indic font samples which appear in the South Asian section of this guide. Dugan Chen also deserves special mention for taking my half-baked shell script for downloading fonts and turning it into something more useful.

Jefferson was inspired by things Greek.

Preference is given to high-quality vector fonts that have been released under SIL International's , the Free Software Foundation's , and similarly open licenses. I also include other important Unicode fonts, including a few notable shareware fonts where the authors request payment of a fee after an initial free evaluation. Although this document focuses on vector fonts that work well on free operating systems, these fonts will also work well on Unicode-capable Windows operating systems (Windows 2000 and XP) and on Apple OSX.

A symbol conveys complex ideas with few words.

Please note that other, more extensive online font guides do exist. In particular Alan Wood's is an extensive resource which covers commercial, shareware, and free fonts. In contrast to Mr. Wood's site, I have focused on Open Source, non-governmental organization (NGO), and government-sponsored font and script initiatives that aim to facilitate computing in national and indigenous languages throughout the world.

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Some of the included font projects provide numerous fonts. In these cases, I have also tried to include images of a representative sample of the available fonts. For many of the sample font images, I have used the first article of the which has been translated into hundreds of languages. If you want to compare translations of just the first article, try Xavier Nègre's excellent page at .

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Instructions on installing these fonts on GNU/Linux and similar free operating systems are provided on our . Note that many fonts are packaged in files for the convenience of Windows users. Under free Unices, just use the utility from your terminal. Some fonts are packaged in self-extracting packages for Windows. Here again you can simply use the utility since the basically consists of a short executable stub with the zipped font files attached to it.