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: There is, forexample, F. M. Scherer’s Quarter Notes and Bank Notes: The Economicsof Music Composition in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (Princeton:Princeton University Press, 2004) and Lorenzo Bianconi and Giorgio Pestelli’santhology Opera Production and Its Resources, vol. 4 of The History of ItalianOpera (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1998). One of the livelieststudies in this vein is Ken Emerson’s Always Magic in the Air: TheBomp and Brilliance of the Brill Building Era (Viking, 2005), which showshow a pop-music company could develop its own forms, genres, and division oflabor.

Investigating the style of self-portraits (selfies) in five cities across the world.
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It creates the need for genre theory to continually re-define itself according to the technology, the audience, the political message among many other variables.

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Rick Altman’s “A Semantic/Syntactic Approach to Film Genre”
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What we propose is not another study of an outstanding individual,a trend, or a genre. The Classical Hollywood Cinema analyzes the broadand basic conditions of American cinema as a historical institution. This projectexplores the common idea that Hollywood filmmakingconstitutes both an art and an industry. We examine the artistic uniqueness andthe mass-production aspects of the American studio cinema.

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The recognition of the relation of a collectivemode and an individual product—and these are the only categories we can initially presume—isa recognition of related practices. That is to say, the irreducibly individualprojects that particular works are, may come in experience and analysis to showresemblances which allow us to group them into collective modes. These are byno means always genres. They may exist as resemblances within and across genres.