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I hope that somebody on this site will be able to give me some really good advice. I am 45 years old and have been in a 25 year relationship which was so emotionally upsetting and dysfunctional that 10 years it seriously began to affect my mental health. I have had 7 breakdowns and admissions to hospital. The main cause was the emotional neglect and my husbands supressed rage and then his explosions of temper. These began to get worse after our honeymoon. We have one child who is 14 and I currently have a diagnosis of schioaffective disorder via the NHS and a diagnosis of Trauma via a private psychiatrist. My dilemma is I do not believe in medication and psychiatrist drugs for the treatment of mental health issues, I have had some very serious health problems caused by these drugs and also my private psychiatrist believes that these drugs are extremely harmful when taken long term. I also regularly read the work of the critical psychiatry network who are notable psychiatrists who do not believe that antipsychotic medications are safe or that they should be used long term. The problem is mainstream psychiatry can be highly Coercive and old fashioned and alpt of coercion is used still in mental health whereby you are told that you have the right not to take medication but you can be coerced to take this as the focus is on the medical model of care.

Whereas, cost controls in health care are the first issues that are addressed to find a solution.

I have every sympathy for with Kazzie but would just like to make the point people do not choose to have mental health issues no more than they chose to have a broken leg. As a child is is very difficult if your parent lets you down, what I have come to realise as I have got older that most parents do their best within the limitations we all have. It sounds as if Kazzie’s Mum was suffering from depression, if nothing else and that does not just happen without a cause. It maybe she was badly treated herself. It is not meant as a criticism, just something to think about if you wish.

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Obesity is defined as a medical condition where there persists a high excess of body fat, enough to cause serious health issues.

Millions of Americans are needlessly suffering and dying while the nation’s largest health insurance providers are raking in billions of dollars in revenue every year because of the simple fact they either do not provide adequate health insurance to their customers or they make it too expensive for many employers to offer health insurance to their employees, denying coverage altogether....

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This Essay is looking at the issue of obesity and the importance of Physical Activity in middle childhood, this being 6 to 10 year olds, and what a teacher can do to increase the amount of physical activity these children particip...

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The existing or traditional approach to reporting potential public health problems is a manual process reliant on individuals within individual hospitals/medical facilities to identify such potential threats or issues.

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According to our text, health education and health promotion are recognized increasingly as ways to meet public health objectives and improve the success of public health and medical interventions around the world (Gollust, 2014).

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With the incidence rate for the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) on the rise, it is important to address the public health concerns that are associated with disease....