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It is structured to promote an introductory understanding of human physiology relevant to students of health and social care. The importance of structures will be examined and also what can happen when things go wrong. Anatomy and physiology will be studied in relation to health (and wellbeing) and disease.

Whereas, cost controls in health care are the first issues that are addressed to find a solution.

This module aims to give students the opportunity to examine how different people respond to health, wellbeing and illness. The role of the rapidly expanding discipline of health psychology can be discussed in relation to psychological procedures for the assessment, intervention and prevention of ill health. Students also have the opportunity to consider individuals, families, age, cultures, religions, gender, psychological and social health and wellbeing.

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The key principles are linked to the National Occupational Standards for ‘Health and Social Care’.

The first year introduces the fundamental theories, skills and knowledge of health and social care, including the context of practice in health and social care, the social and psychological development of children and adults and the values that underpin practice. Modules focus on developing communication skills and the consideration of professional values and ethics. Lectures and seminars are complemented by workshops, role-play exercises, debates, visits and independent study.

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The research methods module is intended to enable students to explore and develop a critical appreciation of health and social care research, utilising both quantitative and qualitative approaches.

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Students can examine the historical, political, policy, economic, social and cultural influences that have determined and influenced initiatives and the provision of services to support individuals, groups and communities to make informed, healthy life style choices. The focus will be on developing knowledge of health and its determinants through an analyses of the complex issues regarding how health is created and how health behaviours are brought about. Students may consider how to champion ways of working to promote healthy and wellbeing, based on evidence of effectiveness and also clear ethical principles.

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It will build on knowledge through a critical analysis of substantive areas of health and social care policy documentation, such a government policy on ageing, on disability, on social housing, on public transport, on benefits systems, on health and communities, on access to leisure and recreation and on communities.

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Following historical discussions, this module will focus on the contemporary provision of health and social care, particularly the challenges and rewards offered by the implementation of a partnership (multi-agency) approach.