Is the Texas law banning abortion unconstitutional....

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 When it comes to late-term abortions, science has forever altered the debate.

Today at we have an important , unearthing the horrific stories of women who were forced into getting abortions. Colin rightly points out that this kind of coercion isn’t limited to the use of brute force — although that – but often occurs when women are pressured financially and emotionally by those around them, both in cases where the woman actively wants to keep her child or where she is still deciding what to do.

Wade came about, there has been a debate on abortion.

When we misuse this we tend to fall into wrong decision making of abortion.

Even though this study appears to be comprehensive, it has a number of shortcomings. For example, it is well documented in peer-reviewed research that, as a pregnancy progresses, the risk of complications from an abortion procedure increases. This study did not hold constant the gestational age of the unborn child in each case, making it difficult to compare outcomes. Similarly, the chances of an adverse medical event might also be affected by the age of the mother, her income, and her past medical history; the study also failed to hold constant these important factors. Finally, the data on adverse outcomes following abortion procedures were collected from surveys of a wide variety of Iowa hospitals, and the survey reported only a 35 percent response rate. The authors also admit that some of the responders may not have reviewed medical records and instead relied only on their recall of the events in question, making it extremely likely that some adverse events were misremembered or not included.

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In three broad strokes the late Holy Father presented a total vision of the human person. Everything begins with original man before sin. Alone in the midst of God's creation, Adam experiences original solitude. Though master of all creatures, Adam feels utterly alone because only he is a person, a conscious subject called to make a gift of himself in love and receive another's self-gift. When God creates Eve, Adam exclaims: "This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh" (Gn 2:18). Through Eve's body, Adam recognizes her as a person, with whom he is called to form a communion of persons (communio personarum) in the image of the self-giving love of the Blessed Trinity.xvii

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Moreover, given that the current bill includes the usual exceptions for protecting the life of the mother as well as victims of rape or incest, the notion that the measure is an instrument of oppression of women is absurd.

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Yet when it comes to late-term abortions, science has forever altered the debate. So long as Planned Parenthood has the political muscle to force Democrats to back its position, the organization will continue to have to pretend that medicine hasn’t made any progress since 1973. That may please liberal donors. But it also means that on abortion, the deniers of science are on the left, not the right.