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Although this list shows the professionals dabbling in Information Technology, it should not be misconstrued that the average computer user at home should not be concerned about computer security.

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Prerequisites: CMSC 150 and 350 (or 230). A presentation of fundamental techniques for designing and analyzing computer algorithms. The aim is to apply Big-O estimates of algorithms and proof-of-correctness techniques and to design algorithms. Basic methods include divide-and-conquer techniques, search and traversal techniques, dynamic programming, greedy methods, and induction. Programming projects are included.

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Program Chair, Computer Science and Software Development and SecurityCollegiate Professor

And with corporations increasingly using computers for enterprise-wide, business-critical computing, the costs of virus-induced down-time are growing along with the threat from viruses themselves....

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However, technology does not just develop on its own as an intelligent being, but it continues to be molded by those that work in the field of computer science, computer engineering, and computer programming....

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In the recent past, society has seen malicious editing of the Justice Department web page (1), unauthorized access into classified government computer files, phone card and credit card fraud, and electronic embezzlement....

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To celebrate Computer Science Education Week, Hood College computer science faculty, along with undergraduate and graduate students, visited schools in the Frederick County Public School District to work with teachers and students during several Hour of Code school events Dec. 4-10. They taught more than 600 students in 23 classes, which included business, foundations of technology, introduction to computer science, Microsoft certification and AP computer science. The lessons served three purposes: expose students to coding to demystify the idea that coding is difficult or scary; teach computational thinking, or composing problems and forming step-by-step solutions; and help try to decrease the gender gap in computer science.

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S. K. Bhaskar joined UMUC in 1998 after serving as senior programmer and analyst at SRA Technologies Inc. He holds an MS from the School of Automation, Indian Institute of Science, in Bangalore, India, and earned his PhD in computer science from the University of Maryland, College Park.

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Rear Admiral Grace Hopper (1906-1992) was a pioneer computer scientist, often referred to by her nickname, "Amazing Grace" due to the breadth of her scientific achievements and professional accomplishments. She earned a doctorate in mathematics from Yale University in 1934, a time when few women obtained higher degrees. She worked on the Harvard Mark I computer and UNIVAC I and was instrumental in the development of COBOL, an early high-level programming language still in use today. Grace Hopper visited Hood College several times in the 1980's, giving a departmental lecture, receiving an Honorary degree in 1983 and serving as the Commencement speaker in 1984 -- inspiring women to pursue careers in the sciences. In honor of her birthday, December 9, we are celebrating Grace Hopper Week.