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Pi Gamma Mu is the international honor society that recognizes outstanding scholarship in the social sciences at UMUC. Students interested in anthropology, criminal justice, economics, gerontology, history, political science, social psychology, sociology, and women's studies may qualify for membership. The society recently named UMUC's Maryland Theta chapter to its Roll of Distinction, the highest honor that the society grants.

Correctional Officers are a very important part of the Justice System because it keeps high profile criminals off the street and locked up even before they are proven innocent or guilty....

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Everyone who finds themselves on the opposing end of the Criminal Justice System is entitled to certain protections every step of the way, beginning even before the arrest; laws protect us from unreasonable investigative techniques, guarantee certain rights at point of arrest, and provide us with the right to counsel.

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(Fulfills the general education requirement in behavioral and social sciences.) An overview of the major elements of the criminological enterprise. The objective is to classify and analyze different crime trends and patterns, analyze criminological theories, and conduct research. Topics include the nature of criminology, criminological methods, crime causation, and characteristics of types of crimes and offenders. The police, courts, and corrections and the effects of the criminal justice system in society are also examined.

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Prerequisite: CCJS 100 or CCJS 105. Recommended: CCJS 230. An introduction to the concepts and methodologies used by criminal investigators to prevent and suppress crime and aid in the apprehension of criminal suspects. The aim is to communicate effectively, demonstrate principles of effective investigative management, and apply scientific techniques and technology to criminal investigations. Topics include crime scene search and recording; collection and preservation of physical evidence; use of scientific aids, modus operandi, and sources of information; interview and interrogation; follow-up; and case preparation. Emphasis is on leadership and management to enhance investigative efforts.

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(Fulfills the general education requirement in behavioral and social sciences.) An introduction to the administration of criminal justice in a democratic society, emphasizing the history and theories of law enforcement. The objective is to conduct research, analyze criminological theory to inform the development of criminal justice policies, and make appropriate criminal justice decisions. Discussion covers the principles of organization and administration in law enforcement, including specific activities and functions (such as research and planning, public relations, personnel and training, inspection and control, and formulation and direction of policy). Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: CCJS 100 or CJUS 100.

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The United States Criminal Justice system is amongst the most respected governmental entities on the planet; and with a formidably structured and well developed hierarchy, history has uncovered its adaptability through operational effectiveness.