Definitions of terms: Cults, Sects and Denominations

Margaret Singer had been a Professor of Psychology in California for many years, and was a major proponent of the brainwashing theory. She is reported to have been harassed by cultists. Janja Lalich is a Professor of Sociology at California State University. See also Lalich (1994; second edn, 2006, entitled ). See also Lalich, (1996). A more recent work of Professor Lalich is (2004), which includes a focus on the Heaven’s Gate suicide sect.

Mormons are chased out of their homes with many dying from exposure and illness.

In her article “Science, planetary consciousness, interiors” author Mary Louise Pratt argues that the change in travel writing in the 18th century promoted a new type of planetary consciousness, thus triggering a shift in European colonial policies....

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He associates places and objects with certain impressions which produce this large image of negative and horrifying vibes and feelings.

These drawbacks accompanied the Findhorn Foundation “workshop” commerce in alternative therapy and pop-mysticism. Critics view these extensive activities as a contradiction to any viable ecological programme. This matter has been documented in articles like . Critics do not here press identity as a cult, though in relation to dissidents, the policy of this organisation has exhibited markedly cult-like attitudes. The Findhorn Foundation can be described in terms of an erring community with very evasive tendencies, and a commercial programme causing confusion and miseducation. See articles 10 and 13 on this website. See also (2009) and (2009), the latter article featuring solicitor correspondence. See also my (2008) and (2010).

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Maybe we can draw some conclusions contrasting the two versions of Mormon Prophets.

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The evasive tendency of some alternative organisations engenders suspicion. The Findhorn Foundation (in Scotland) commenced in 1962 and is associated with the SMN. The major figurehead is Eileen Caddy (1917-2006), believed by partisans to be an agency for the God within. The Findhorn Foundation has benefited from charity status and UN endorsement as a CIFAL centre promoting ecology. Yet the Findhorn ecovillage project has been attended by flaws. Some of the Foundation personnel became closely associated with the suppression of dissident views and literature, and even with the continuing promotion of Grof’s Holotropic Breathwork after medical warnings caused this activity to be dropped by the management. See Stephen J. Castro, Hypocrisy and Dissent within the Findhorn Foundation, 1996.

The LaRouche Organization As An Extremist Movement

One of the JSCPR directors is a Professor of Sociology at Hokkaido University. Sakurai Yoshihide is one of the opposite numbers to Shoko Asahara. He views the situation in terms of a social malaise that existed for many years, but which was aggravated by the collapse of the Japanese economic advance in the early 1990s. It emerges that Japan has suffered a bigger cult problem than any other country. Not merely the younger generation, but also older people, have been responding to the message of small religious movements which promise enlightenment and freedom from suffering. That is currently a very popular message. Analysis of the operative causes can vary, though social change is the basic denominator. Professor Yoshihide says that the competitive capitalist society of new Japan has given rise to a sense of meaningless existence, in comparison to which the cult panaceas seem attractive to many subscribers.